Poor nilo! calling all enablers....

  1. uh...oh dear, i may have something in the works, please enable me with all the lovely qualities of a niloticus skin........i need a little push........it really wants to come home with me! hm, what could it be?:whistle:
  2. Tell, tell!!!!!!!

    You are a croc fiend, girl.....
  3. i know, GF, i know!!!!! there won't be anything coming my way if i can't bite the bullet......i have never seen nilo IRL so help me out ladies.......should i? should i not? i'm not hung up on something being nilo as i have porosus already....should i mix it up?
  4. Well, give us a hint - large or smaller item?
  5. rather large, i would say!!!:yahoo:

    bigger than a breadbox............but smaller than a convertible! ;)
  6. Groovy - have you seen pics? Or is this a sight unseen purchase?
  7. hmm...birkin-large or kelly large??

    Nilo looks better in birkins IMO...you already have croc kelly, right?
  8. ^LOL, henn is on the very same track of thought I am on!
  9. This is a sight unseen purchase of a fantastic item that I know is TDF...this is the fruitful reward of me experimenting with a NON-bipolar SA!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: she said they were (god forbid!) about to put her ON THE FLOOR!!!! luckily she was easily persuaded to tuck it away for me.
  10. henn, yes i do have a honey croc kelly brand spankin new...but this special purchase has its own very special vibe....WITH A HARDWARE THAT WILL PUT A GLEAM IN ANY GIRL'S EYE...:devil:

  11. hmm, hmm...your sa seems to love you...I never got offered any croc or nilo:sad:(

    which colors are we talking? nilo looks REALLY great in POP colors likr reds,greens or oranges as well but looks rather , aham, please dont throw stones at me, dull in browns....

    any hints?
  12. haha, great minds think a like-or should I say FREAKS think a-like?

  13. It is a dark, dark color......but actually i would not be disappointed if it were matte-ish...i want it to look a little lived in, not too flashy anyway...

    help!!! tell me something nice about nilo, please....
  14. HC, you really have to spill SOMETHIN´...at least the color-group?

    and are we talking gold hw or diamonds?