Poor Mulberry Service

  1. My Oak annie still has not arrived and isn't even in transit despite ordering at 9am Christmas Day.Thanks to some of the ladies here I sent them an email and heard
    nothing ,then I phoned was left on hold(from Ireland) given no answer ,told I would be phoned back. Two hrs later I phoned back ,put on hold,again no answer and this time the assistant sounded like she wanted me off the phone.When I asked if it was in transit she said no but would find out why. Still no answer and now they have gone home.The money came off my credit card last week.:crybaby::crybaby:
  2. That is really unusual! I spoke to customer services twice today and they couldn't have been more helpful. I ordered a black Annie on 29.12 and it arrived today. Sounds v odd that yours hasn't arrived.
    Try calling them in the afternoon - I got straight through whereas in the morning I was put on hold for a while. Good luck.
  3. That sounds really annoying! Maybe you caught them on a bad day - do try again tomorrow, hopefully they have more staff to help you then. Best of luck!
  4. I hope your bag comes thru as I am feeling a touch sad since I found one! I am sure it will all work out for you!!!!

    I did send them a email on Monday and have yet to receive a reply.
    Oh well..........
    I am sending you good vibes!!!!
  5. Mmmm,my scarf got messed up,so I found one in Mulberry Manchester,so I'm going to collect tommorow,does'nt bother me overly as it gives me something to do. But its damn **** luck its happened over a bag!!!!! Sending you all the good luck vibes I can muster!!!!!!!
  6. Hope you get it sorted soon... it is really annoying isnt it waiting for stuff to arrive. I know when I was waiting for my rosemary this time last year I was on tenderhooks making sure my order had been received by the system, and finding out when it had been dispatched. I convinced myself that it was going to get lost in the mail somewhere (despite the fact that mulberry dont even use royal mail!!),
  7. I probably am being unreasonable...It's just hearing that Tara's hanover and Sara Janes, Annie have arrived got me anxious.I do know they must me SO busy. At least the wait is making me want it all the more.
  8. I didn't think companies were allowed to charge your credit card until goods had been despatched.

  9. Do you think its on its way then?:nuts::nuts:
  10. Depends on their terms and conditions. Most companies don't process payments until goods have been confirmed available and despatched.

    I do hope it's on it's way to you, the delay could just be a back log of post.
  11. I also ordered an oak annie on christmas morning and that has yet to show up as well. I've been away since new years eve but there was no card left or anything.... just want it to turn up!!!
  12. I sent customer service an email on Saturday and didn't hear back from them until this morning. I guess between the sale and the holidays they've been very busy. They gave me the refund I asked for so I'm happy.
    The bag I ordered on Thursday was shipped on Monday. Now I'm waiting for it to clear customs.

    Hopefully yours gets shipped soon.

  13. Maybe they have short supply of oak Annies and plenty of black ones.Hope yours comes soon too.

  14. Actually this has had me worried. I ordered a little coin purse in the chrismas sale 2 years ago, it didn't show but they charged my card.

    When it had been a while I sent an email and got a reply saying with the website having been so busy because of the sale they had mistakenly continued to take orders even when the item was out of stock. :shrugs:

    I had to email them to find out as they didn't get back to me. They refunded me of course but I was a bit disappointed! :crybaby:

    If my annie doesn't come I'll cry! O well at least I've got my new Rosemary...

    PS have emailed them now..
  15. I was going to say,why dion't you girlies get on the phone?? I hope its not bad news but at least you will know one way or the other and put you out of your misery.I did this with my scarf yesterday,and I hate to say it but they had messed up my order and were trying to source one from a store,me being me,thought screw this rang round myself,found one cancelled the order and am going to pick it up myself this afternoon.

    The only way to know for sure is to call them,sending you all the luck I can!!!!