Poor Martha!

  1. You guys probably seen this already but I still think it's funny!
  2. and this is to die for!
  3. :lol: @ the Martha Cartoon,though I must say that I admire how she has bounced back from adversity after atoning for her sins...

    But i really think that those gloves look truly creepy,especially next to the bag:amazed:
  4. it is a bit much..IMO
  5. Oh Martha.. at least she'll always have a lovely bag to fall back on !
  6. :lol: lovely.
  7. don't like the gloves...
  8. me either, yuk, but I love, love, love the bag!!!
  9. Cartoon is funny :lol: .
    Gloves are butt ugly :sick: .
    That bag is fan -frigging -tastic :biggrin: .
  10. I kind of feeling that the model is toting a real baby crocodile…:P
  11. Don't feel bad for Martha life is pretty darn good for her...

    The bag is awesome...truly awesome.
  12. I second, the bag is awesomely gorgeous!

    Martha is having a pretty good life ....
  13. hahaha, hilarious cartoon!
  14. Whats weird is that I kind of like those gloves, along with the croc coat I saw in the catalogue :love:
  15. Croc. is amazing.