Poor Little Grifferson- LOL

  1. My little Rottn girl woke up this morning with a bad tummy and had to go outside to throw up. DH thought she looked so sad/silly afterwards that he snapped these pics :heart::



    The last one was soo sweet and pathetic I had to change my avatar! :yes:

    Poor little Griffer girl, she *hates* to get sick, I think it frightens her. Doesn't do much for me either, but at least they try to get outside-- usually. :p
  2. I've been thru that so often with our dogs. Poor baby. Hope her tummy is all settled down now. She looks like such a nice dog.
  3. Aww. How cute/sad. Give her some Reglan. Poor little tummy.
  4. She looks adorable in the 2nd pic, I can't even think she had a tummy ache bc she looks soooo cute!!! Hope she feels better soon :flowers:
  5. Thanks ladies!!

    She is a cutie. Very sweetie, and omg does she *hate* throwing up. She is feeling lots better and sleeping right next to me now.

    Thanks for reminding me about the Reglan Irishgal! We always keep "pink stuff" on hand.
  6. And by the way, next time you find yourself vomiting don't be surprized to find your little buddy laughing his butt off...:roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao: I can see it now, I'm throwing up and my little one is down at my legs staring at me with that "HAHAHA, i got you now!!" look
  8. hmwe - Grifferson is going to kill me but I think these pictures are absolutely PRECIOUS!! She looks sooo sad in both pictures though so I'm super glad she's feeling better. She has that "please take care of me" look.

    HUG for Grifferson!!
  9. Precious baby! Hope she feels better!
  10. mello_yello_jen, she has the sweetest face ever, doesn't she??? Right now she is asleep on DH's lap-- yes, all 80 lbs of her rottn self!

    BTW, Griffer thanks you all for your well-wishes!! She hopes to have a tiny bowl of her favorite no-no tonight (milk!) as we toast the New Year :cutesy: