Poor Lindsey Falls & Fractures Her Wrist @ A Fashion Week Party

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  1. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 16, 2006 06:00PM EST

    Lindsay Lohan was rushed to a New York hospital with a fractured wrist after slipping and falling at a Fashion Week party, her rep tells Access Hollywood.

    Lohan's publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, said the 20-year-old actress slipped and fell at the Milk Studios in New York, fracturing her wrist in two places. She was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital, and Sloane said Lindsay's mother drove in from Long Island to meet her.

    Sloane added that "there's a pending investigation" into the accident, after Lohan claimed Milk Studios didn't take proper measures to prevent slips on the slick ground.
  2. I hate to see anyone hurt. Hope she is ok.
  3. oohhh prada can I post a pic on here that is related this moment....?? its a bit of a dirty shot......if u dont mind...
  4. I hope she's okay too.
  5. She's always in the news with some injury.
  6. look how high her heels are.....

    i think it is sort of publicity stunt just to be on the headlines DAILY
  7. Poor Lilo.
  8. i hope she is okay now..
  9. her chart at the hospital must be HUGE...she is hospitalized for exaushtion so often and now she has broken bones...poor thing
  10. her and her man look very hot together.
    I dont mind her, better then paris atleast.
    I think, however, her movies and music sucks so im not sure why shes famous.
  11. yea, why is she so famous again??
  12. Cuz she's a train wreck and we can't look away! :lol:
  13. yeah, please do! i'm curious! :P
  14. Maybe Lindsay and the girl who sued Starbucks should hang out
  15. Gosh, I wonder if she has her own bed reserved at the hospital :biggrin:

    I kind of find it endearing when celebs are clumsy. Makes them that bit more human ;) Hope she is ok.