Poor kid!

  1. You post your picture on the internet, then this happens.

    I like all the manipulations, but I especially like the Shrek one and the Legolas one. Aww, poor guy :P !
  2. omg poor thing but those pics are hillarious!!!! i feel so so sorry for him i would die if that was me!!! LMFAO
  3. That's why I never post my picture anywhere. I'm way too scared about this kind of stuff happening!
  4. I have to admit it made me chuckle. LOL! It's cool to see what we can do w/ computers now a days. But, yeah I do feel sorry for that kid..he would be made fun of if anyone he knew or goes to school with found that website. how embarrassing!
  5. thats really funny...i love the mary kate and ashely one!!
  6. OMG... The worst one of that kid is one that has his face on a girl's body rocking her body back and forth... :P
  7. lol especially the nemo picture
  8. It's not on that site.. but I've seen it around MySpace...
  9. lol:roflmfao: that's too funny. Poor kid.:P