Poor Katie, nursing bra's suck.

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    Reminds me of the first few months of having both of my kids.
    And despite how amazing my husband is, the dude TOTALLY didn't get it.
    I mean, 7 or so pounds of something living, plus a new organ has just left your body, now you have to milk it?
  2. Ok WOW!
  3. Poor Katie looks so tired. :huh:
  4. she looks cute, but yes, so tired...
  5. so tired....
  6. I'd be tired if I had to live with him too :blink:
  7. poor thing! i think she looks pretty cute tho! cept for the bra.
  8. :lol: :yes:
  9. Katie looks tired!

    Is it me or is Tom wearing lifts in his shoes?? Latley he has been almost as tall as Katie. I believe Katie is 5'10'' and Tom is 5'4''.:blink:
  10. I saw Tom & Katie in person last week at the MI:3 premiere in Hollywood...she looks totally different in person and extremely tall. Tom looked just like you imagine, he was so cringy. My boyfriend swears its still all a publicity stunt even though they have the baby...he says" why wont they show the baby?"
  11. Roo, I :heart: you. You always crack me up. :yes:
  12. I feel so bad for her, I would be mortified if I had those photos taken of me...just had a baby and the nursing bra is totally showing. She looks exhausted!
  13. She looks awful svelte for how large she had gotten while pregnant - she must have been all baby - but, how do one's arms get smaller so quick?
  14. She looks like she wishes she could wake up from this nightmare! I know what you mean about the arms....that is odd.
  15. poor thing looks exhausted.