Poor Ines! Sitting alone in the closet!!

  1. My poor little peanut is sitting all alone, tags attached! For the last month she has sat wondering will she ever see the light of day?? Why did I buy her, she wonders? What is wrong? Help she cries out!! Tell muggles to cut the tags already and take me out!! Why I wonder am I being neglected? You other ines owners tell her how great I am??:crybaby::sos::sleepy:Tired of sleeping!!:lol:
  2. muggles- i've been trying to convince you for tooooo long now darling. honestly, i say return her. if you can't bring yourself to wear her then let her go on to greener fields. :crybaby:

  3. [​IMG]
  4. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  5. Cut the tags and take her out,she gorgeous what are you waiting for, go on show her off. :p
  6. Muggles I can't believe you haven't worn her yet! You sold a certain bag to yours truly because of her! She is so gorgeous..but I agree with others...definitely sell her if you are wishy washy!
  7. nevermind about selling her, use her today!!!!!!!!!
  8. :wtf: Why haven't you taken that beauty out? She deserves to be shown off!! Is it just not your style?
  9. :wtf::wtf::crybaby: Awwww!!! Poor Ines!!!! Show that baby some love already!!
  10. it sounds like you think it's beautiful and you like having it, but then you never use it! perhaps jess is right and you should return it to get something you will carry without any reservations? you shouldn't have to convince yourself to use something, you know? especially a pretty purse. i usually can't wait to use it when i get a new bag!
  11. I agree that she is gorgeous, BUT if she is just gonna sit in closet then sell her and get something that WILL see the light of day!! :smile:
  12. the poor thing is sitting there neglected :p definitely cut her tags or cut her loose!
  13. i think its gorgeous! if you truly love it wear it! if youre not sure about it being your style sell it and get something else. he deserves to be loved and carried!
  14. What's your purse personality?

    Do you always wait to use a new bag? If so, then no worries.

    If you are always so excited to use a new bag that you rip the tags off, empty another purse's contents into the new purse & look for an excuse to wear it, then I say return it.

    If immediately carrying a new purse is your personality, there is a reason you haven't carried it yet.....
  15. Why haven't you carried her?? She is TDF!!!
    Do you not like the style, color or are you just waiting for the right moment??
    If you do love her...Cut The Tags and Rock Her!!