Poor Guy

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  1. THat's not patina, that's dirty! Somebody save it!:Push:
  2. ~^^*Lvbabydoll* looks like this poor thing has a rough life and been through a ringer:crybaby:~
  3. my goodness id like to see the people who carry the bag to that point...and even more so the ones who buy them like that!
  4. OMG... that is a sad sight to see. Who ever owned it did not care for it at all. That's heartbreaking :crybaby:
  5. eww the 2nd pic just disgusted me. how do people treat their belongings like that? i've never owned something that ended up like that. and i doubt i ever will! @.@
  6. Oh GAG! I couldn't touch that without gloves on. :yucky:
  7. OMG ~ the descriptions should read 'not sure of age, found in a dumpster...'
  8. Nasty..poor thing. How could it be mistreated like that?
  9. "Good condition", yeah right... Time for him to be put to rest I think...
  10. Is it real?

    Would it be able to be cleaned? Maybe with a magic eraser?

  11. UNLIKELY..:tdown:
  12. Well, somebody loved those bags. To death.