Poor Graphite in HK

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  1. It seems that that's not many people really fall in love in Graphite in Hong Kong. And LV doesn't do any promotion about it. The old stuffs are still displayed in the windows but not Graphite.


    Are the situations the same in other countries?
  2. Usually when LV launched a new collection, they only receive a few pieces. These will be offered to their regulars or those on waitlist. Afterwhich, they might have an private event to grace the launch and by then, more stocks would have arrived and would be on display-- that's what I observed. I may be wrong.
  3. I dont know how other stores are, but mine over here in the USA doesnt have any graphite in the window, but as soon as you walk in, its all over the first display wall you can see.
  4. Well, maybe. But not the case as when monogramouflage is launched...
  5. Monogramouflage was quiet over here. Most were sold to regulars and none was on display until much later. So far, I have only seen Lyn and Keepall on display once.
  6. ... why do LV send bags to countries that are simply not interested in them...
  7. same as shop in Bangkok. SA told me they will show them after the next big display change.
  8. OHH Hong Kong will be interested in them...don't you worry. In a month almost one in every few people will own Graphite something. That's just how things are in Hong Kong.
  9. What do you mean, Karman?
  10. Newly released things in Hong Kong, especially designer, WILL get popular, even if you don't think they will.

    That's just how things seem to be whenever I'm there. When I see something new at LV I'd think "Nahhh the HK ladies won't like these..." and BOOM they get popular out of nowhere.

    Give it time...this IS a collection more targeted towards men, so give the guys some time to catch on first!
  11. Agree with chinchin_lim. My SA has invited me to a private event next Fri in Hong Kong for the launch of Damier Graphite and I think more items will be displayed by then....
  12. Damier Graphite will definitely be a hit in Hong Kong, generally anything LV is. It probably would have been more so if it was limited.
  13. We have Damier Graphite in stock, but not that much. We haven't launched it yet, we are keeping it in the back and will do an event in September for VIPs and regulars.
  14. I hope that Graphite will be permanent and it will be used for the female lines.
  15. ^ I spoke with several SAs and they said they are trying to keep this a men's only line...but I can see some of the bags being unisex. No Speedy in the foreseeable future though.