Poor Girl's Tribute-Style Sandal - Gianni Bini

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  1. I completely understand the animosity towards shoe companies that blatantly copy some of the styles of the more expensive brands. But, for someone like me that has very little fun money to spend on TDF shoes, I sometimes have to purchase from these other shoe companies because I adore the styles, but can't afford them.

    So is the YSL Tribute sandal. It is such a cute shoe, but for several reasons (#1: can't justify spending $700-$1000 on a sandal; and #2: i'm 5'7", thus cannot justify spending that much on a shoe that will make me 6 feet tall), I lurked over to Dilliard's and purchased the Gianni Bini Uptown for $98.

    It's beautiful, and comfy, and has a price that's much easier to swallow. Please don't throw stones at me...but here are my new sandals. I love 'em!

  2. They look great on you, wear them with pride! I think there are so many people on here - me included - who are so grateful for the reinvented high street with its great 'influenced' styles. You look great!
  3. they look great! can't believe how similar they are to the low version heel (as they do not have the t-strap). I saw bakers shoes version and i wanted to get it, but it went OOS
  4. very nice!
  5. They look fab on you! :tup:
  6. Super cute!! They look great on you!
  7. I saw them at Dillard's Saturday, and really lingered...........
    I have the height thing going on, too. :P

    So, they are comfy?
  8. They actually are comfy, as far as the ball of the foot. Your ankle has to get used to maintaining that angle for extended periods of time, but I think a couple wears will resolve that issue.

    When I was trying them on, two ladies from 10-20 ft away yelled to me that I should get them because "I was working them" so they really do have that effect. LOL! I say get them!
  9. #9 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    ^^^ Not destined to be shoe twins!!!!

    I went ahead and tried them on in my size ( ...gulp, 10)
    I could barely squeeze them on!
    In fact, my entire "foot print" overflowed the shoe! :biggrin:
    Seems like they also copied the designer sizing............. ?
    I am wondering that b/c I ALSO tried on a pretty pair of red patent GB pumps that fit gorgeously (also size 10)

    Anyway, I am glad you got them and that they look so hot on you!

    (actually off topic here, but yeah, designer sizing. It is seriously making me question my feet ~ I mean, did they mysteriously grow somehow? How can this be? I tried on a couple pair of cute 4" summer pumps at Kohls right before I went to Dillard's, in my size, that both fit perfect and were EASY to walk in, and $60 bucks a pair, that I passed on because they weren't LEATHER......... )
  10. I have the real tributes in black and navy patent..and I must say the shoes you got look great.
  11. They look perfect. ENjoy!
  12. they look so cute on you! i tried on some tribute wannabe's at Macys (INC) earlier today! :P
  13. wow, LDF! they look amazing on you ... rock them fabulously! I would love to score a pair of YSL tributes on sale. Good to know there's another option!
  14. WOW, fabulous!
  15. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the compliments. I wore them around my place today to really test out the comfort-factor, and they were enormously comfortable!!!