Poor Elvire stuck in HM Customs...

  1. :tdown:Well, just like Flower experienced a few weeks ago, I now have a bag stuck in HM (UK) customs:sad:. It's the Elvire tote that I bought on eBay (when I fell off the wagon :shame:smile:. For days on end the tracking information just dried up and after hours on the phone with the unbelievably unhelpful people from Parcelforce:cursing: and their :cursing:INFURIATING:cursing: automated voice system, I finally tracked the package down.

    I'm quite suprised that the package got retained as the seller apparently did all he could to prevent that from happening (although obviously I haven't seen exactly what was entered on the customs slip) but I've now been hit with a £50 customs fee:push: . Now I wish I'd kept my seatbelt on whilst riding on the wagon ! Just hope when I finally receive the bag it'll be worth all this hassle and extra expense :shrugs:....
  2. That is annoying. £50 could always go to something nicer than customs fee. I am sure the bag will be lovely though. Hopefully you will get it soon. Seems like ages ago you posted about falling off the wagon.
  3. Tag, so sorry to hear of your customs issue, I'm sure the bag will be worth it, the Elvire is a great bag. Once we get those 'babies' in our hands, we forget the hassels we endured with shipping/delivery. Post pics when Miss Elvire arrives.:yes:
  4. Tag, I'm SO sorry! What a big bummer. :mad::rant::censor:
  5. Oh, Tag, I am sorry to hear that! It's always an unpleasant surprise if you have to add custom fees not mentioning all the trouble of not knowing where tha bag went and waiting and having to deal with the customs procedures. [​IMG]
    Will they deliver the bag or do you have to actually pick it up yourself! I am sure though the bag is lovely and in the end worth all the trouble![​IMG]
  6. :flowers:Thanks for your kind words girls...it does help to vent about these things:yes: ! I spoke to Parcelforce ( or rather their automated robot:cursing:) this morning, paid the charge and organised delivery for tomorrow. I must admit this long delay and hefy charge has taken the sheen off the purchase:s. Will post pics as soon as the bag arrives UNLESS I don't 100% love it, in which case it'll go straight back on sale so I can start saving for the Pigalle Bay which I'm still obsessing about:girlsigh: (...and of course, no word about the SS08 stock from Irene Sacoche yet...when are they going to get the stock in ? It be AW09 before I hear from her at this rate:rolleyes:).
  7. Sorry to hear that, Tag...
    It happened to me with my first eBay purchase (Fendi Spy Hobo) and it was very annoying... i had to pay around 80 euros which I hadnt planned for...
    From then onwards, I have requested all bags to be marked as gifts... it has worked so far, except for a beautiful Edith which is taking ages to arrive so I am fearing it may be (physically) stuck (the parcel being so large) at Customs...
    I hope you love her when she arrives... Wasnt there an old adage about being crossed in love?
  8. sweet tag.. so sorry about the customs bite :sad: but i sure hope you'll love your new Elvire.. :love: remember she is been all lonely and scared in the custom's horrible cell while her new momy was struggling to free her !! that should restore the sheen of this purchase ;)
  9. Sorry to hear that. It happens with all my non EU purchases, my local customs office is very very efficient. And the hassle is even worse than the money - you can't pay over the phone, but need to turn up there in person, open the parcel in their presence and wait for them to fill a number of forms - and when they have a bad day, they'll hold the bag and send it to an "expert" to give an opinion about authenticity (I keep telling them I'm the real expert, but that doesn't help), and then you go back there in two weeks to repeat the game.
  10. I'd be happy to get charged £50 for importing a Chloé! The last Paddy I bought from the US cost me £97 in fees. :cursing:

    Marking as a gift doesn't work (all mine have been marked that way). The only thing that works is declaring a lower value, which is very dodgy (although I'm not innocent of it!) and you run the risk of them opening it anyway.
    Plus I believe if it gets lost you'd only get the declared amount back and not what you actually paid.
  11. Hey Taggy girl. I am probably in the same boat...Irene's instructed me to notify her within 10 days of not receiving the purse. So I did that last night.

    Hummm 12 days today, so I'm gearing up to pay more $$$$.


    Out of curiousity which service delivered your Bay from Sacoche? (anyone?). Div couldn't remember. Was it Postal? Fedex? or DHL?
  12. What a bummer Tag, but don't let it ruin your relationship with the bag. Once you get her home forget all about the customs thing, and concentrate on enjoying her. Hope to see pics of you modelling with pride.
  13. Oh, susieserb, also all my sympathies for having to wait for so long[​IMG] and for the extra tax fees probably coming up... [​IMG] That is indeed sad and takes away from the joy of getting it![​IMG]
    I was wondering since already a few days ago you said yours was about to come!
    But please as littleblackbag says, don't let it make you have bad feelings towards your bag...[​IMG]
  14. Hey Tag, I'm sorry about your elvire being stuck in customs. Its so unfair, I think here in the UK we only have a limited number of places to get chloe bags from and it is quite difficult to come by good deals but the girls in the US are much luckier in that respect. And then we get stung by customs charges when we try to buy from the US.

    I have taken a couple of pics of the purple bay in H Nics and I will try posting them tonight.

    Susie - my bags arrived via a Bahranian postal service. Irene did say she could use TNT but it was xmas time and she thought the Bahrain company would be quicker.
  15. :flowers:Thanks Girls - it's very nice to have all this support & fellow feeling.

    Maria - The bag was marked as a 'gift' as far as I know ( at least the seller said he'd done that), but it looks like that didn't make any difference. Elvire and I are indeed star crossed lovers :lol:.

    VA - I love the imagery of poor lonely Elvire in her customs cell :lol:.

    Speedy - That customs procedure in Germany sounds very scary and intimidating :wtf:. I think I'd be really freaked out by having to go through an interrogation like that.

    ILMB - £97 in fees :wtf: Yikes ! Sounds like I got off light !

    Susie - I really hope your Sacoche bag hasn't been caught by customs. Have you ever been in that situation before ? What are the US customs charges like ? I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I think Irene used the TNT courier service to send my bag.

    LBB - I faithfully promise to post modelling pics when the bag arrives ( unless I don't think it's worthy of being shown off !)

    DR - I think you're absolutely right about us Chloe lovers in the UK having less buying options that our soulmates in other countries. :flowers:Many thanks for the taking the Pigalle Bay pics. I guess you didn't see my post about this, but I saw the bag in question IRL last week ( in HN & Harrods) and I fell totally, utterly and hopelessly in love with it:love:.

    I don't need to see the pics now, but I'm sure all there will be lots of other ladies on the forum that would like to have a look. Still no word from Irene Sacoche about the SS08 stock. To be honest, I've virtually given up on using my store credit to finance the Pigalle Bay and am trying to hatch another plan to get my hands on one. Apparently they're selling out fast and there's NO WAY I'm missing out on that little beauty:nogood: . Time to sell some other bags I think....