Poor eBayer who doesn't know the BH price decrease...

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  1. ouch! i would be so frustrated if this had happened to me!
  2. ouch! Even before the price decrease the bag retailed for $815...why would you pay more than retail for a bag that's not LE? And that bag was even purchased in Paris, so it would be less than $815.
  3. I see the bidder was from Canada, is it more expensive there? I would never buy anything on eBay that was still available in stores unless it was much cheaper. And now shill bidding on eBay is getting easier...
  4. I watched that auction. Yeah, I wonder why the bidder is willing to pay higher US retail price. Maybe she is an international bidder and BH's price there is still high:shrugs: .
  5. BH is not that too high here ( I'm in Asia ) , thought she's competited in bidding and forget that she can find cheaper at LV store even BRAND NEW :shrugs:
  6. well 815 plus taxes is close to 890 for me... but yea i'd just trot over to the LV store or get it shipped if there are none near me since BH is very readily available.
  7. I think that (with the exchange) LV is a little bit cheaper in Canada.

    That's another reason why this forum is so great. I would have had no idea that the BH went down in price.
  8. LV is, for the most part, cheaper in Canada.
    The BH is only $765 CAD here...which, using today's exchange rates, works out to around $671 USD.
  9. Oh my!
  10. yup yup! :yes:
  11. thats so sad
  12. wow. have prices ever dropped at LV before? that is crazy!
  13. i think ppl don't know prices, and they get caught up w/ the auction. i saw thi happen about a year ago with a cabas piano. i had bid on it, but then it got out of control. i congratulated the seller, and she wrote back to me, horrified at the selling price, as it was MORE than she had paid for it new!
  14. I have seen them do the same thing with Fendi, when it's on the NM site for less.