Poor Britney

  1. This is a promo for her stint on the Matt Lauer show later this week...I've never really seen her this angry...or emotional...but she is pregnant, so...


    Any thoughts on how she looks? I thought it was better her last pregnancy, but I think she's uber stressed.
  2. I don't really care for her. I wish she would just go away. She is a perfect example of how you don't really need any talent to make money any more, all you need is a lot of T&A!
  3. And...it's the perfect example of how money cannot buy you class!!!
  4. I have to agree :yes:
  5. I feel bad for her. I still think she'll turn herself around and be the pretty celebrity she once was. I miss the old Britney. :[
  6. She is young. Give her a break. I'm glad no one publicized all my mistakes when I was young (or old). hee hee.
  7. LOL - that is hilarious! I'm so with you on this!!!!
  8. Most women do not look as good in their 2nd pregnancy as they did in their first....BUT she does have the money unlike many women. I just think she is letting herself go a bit too much the last few years.

    "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha....Nee Nee Nee Nee Nee Nee!!!"


  10. :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao:
    Oh, man, I stillllllll hope they'll reunite! Psh!
  11. Poor girl! I feel bad for her! She needs to get rid of K-Fed and move one with her life!
  12. I totally agree!
  13. I bet Matt has studied up on the history of pregnancy, just so that one doesn't come up again....
  14. I feel really bad for her... "You have to remember we are people too", I like that quote and it is so true. Stop over analyzing what celebs too cause they are normal people, and "accidents happen"!
  15. Britney has looked like trailer trash ever since she and Kevin hooked up. She looked a mess her entire first pregnancy and she looks a double mess now. As has already been said, she has too much money to let herself get so raggedy. I don't know what made her think her husband would treat her any better than he did Shar (the mother of his first two children).