Poor Boutique Experience and Help Needed Re: Boy Bag Sizes

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  1. I just visited the boutique in Vancouver looking for a caviar boy but didn't have any luck. The SA was very mean and barely let me try 1 on in the old medium size. I asked about the new medium and she didn't have any, which I find hard to believe? She also insisted no boys in caviar are available and that Chanel would never make this combination. Then she got even more frustrated with me, laughed at me and asked where I would ever have heard such a thing.

    Anyways I am trying to seek one out from another boutique (since they refuse to help me there) but was hoping you lovely ladies would be able to help me choose the size as I won't be able to see it in person. The SA told me the new medium is the size of the jumbo but when I checked the dimensions online it seems the same as the reissue 226.

    I am 5'7" and don't know which would suit my frame better. I don't want to wear it crossbody, just on my shoulder. Or with the strap doubled up. I like the size of the reissue 226 on me but don't know if the boy's boxy dimension would make it look much bigger than it actually is? I have a small frame and don't like the look of the large boy as I think it is too overwhelming. Thanks for letting me vent about my experience. I don't normally shop at Chanel and am not sure if I would ever go back to the boutique after the way I was treated.
  2. the new medium is now called large, I'm 5'1 and I bought the large. It's big on me but I bought it for everyday so I don't mind the boxy look. Because you're 5'7, i think the large would look good. The measurements of my caviar boy are as follow : 11 x 7 x 3.5"

    Hope this helps and sorry about your bad experience!
  3. Wow. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with Chanel. I am not trying to defend her at all, but is it possible that the caviar boys were not released in Canada? I know that certain styles are available in certain regions only, but I have no idea on the current season's caviar boys. Regardless, that certainly doesn't give her the right to treat you that way. I do hope you are able to try a different boutique/SA and have a real Chanel shopping experience.

    Personally, I like the look of the smaller boys (either small or old medium) on most people I just feel like those sizes work best for the bag. Also, the flap is a bit more difficult to manage in the larger sizes. However, I have seen the larger sizes on some people and they worked really well. It truly is a bag you should really try before deciding, if possible. That said, if that isn't a possibility, by default I would chose the old medium. Good luck with your decision!
  4. that's horrendous!! IMHO the boy looks best in the small or old medium size, any larger than that takes away from the overall aesthetic (again, just my own opinion). since you're in canada, maybe the boutiques there didn't order caviar boys for pre-fall (hitting stores and boutiques now). i know that they are most certainly available here in the states - there have been numerous reveals on both black and red caviar old medium boys on here recently. only lambskin boys are coming for Fall Act I and Act II. i would advise you to call the Chanel hotline 1-800-550-0005. the agents there are phenomenal, you can ask any and all questions you want, and they even give you some useful information about Chanel in general (for instance, the one who helped me went through the entire tag with me and pointed out style number, hardware color, and bag color, which season/collection, etc). i think she spent almost 30 mins on the phone with me and was so excited she was able to track down exactly what i was looking for. i ended being able to buy that SLG, which was pretty much sold out everywhere i checked!! if not for the hotline, i think i would've missed out on it completely.

    anyway, good luck!!! and find yourself another boutique + SA stat!! u can also just go to the dept stores :smile:
  5. Ah ok, thanks for the size clarification! I know I have seen some larger boy bags in the past but didn't like the proportion on me. Those were really big though so am not certain it would be the large. I should have asked when I had the chance.
  6. Thanks FunBagz! I finally convinced her to check the book for upcoming bags and she managed to find it so I know it will be coming. Of course, she continued to be rude to me even after this and refused to give me any information regarding release dates. I was not allowed to leave my info for a call when they arrived and no wait lists are allowed. They put everything on the floor according to her explanation (which I know isn't true but oh well).
  7. Wow this is very helpful! Thank you for all this, I will most certainly give them a call. I wonder if they would be able to help with Canadian purchases, as Canada barely gets any stock to begin with. I will report back if I can find one!

    The SA grudgingly checked her book and they are indeed coming to the stores, but she wouldn't say anything further.
  8. Geez! i'm so sorry to hear about your experience, that's horrible! The new medium is a little smaller than the jumbo, great if you want to carry it double strapped on your shoulder. I chose the old medium because I wanted to wear it single strap. Based on what you said you might prefer the new medium. I hope you're able to track down the bag you want and that you have a much better experience the 2nd time around. Please keep us updated and happy hunting! =)
  9. Wow, I'm so sorry you were treated that way. How completely unacceptable! I am also 5'7" and I tried on the Old Medium and the New Medium. I liked the Old Medium better and felt the New Medium was too big on me. It's, of course, all a matter of personal preference though.
  10. I have been to Vancouver boutique a few time since I live in Seattle and I don't like that store in general. Poor selections and my SA was kind but wasn't that helpful.

    I bought a woc last year and returned it because of the size and got a store credit. As I wanted a mini, she told me that she didn't know what would be coming and the store manager bought things differently so she couldn't tell me any info. Then I told her I wanted boy bag, and asked if she could send my photos of the shipment and she told me that she didn't do photos!? Basically I had to travel there from Seattle to check the stock or call them every once in a while. I went through that and got myself a boy bag which I wasn't satisfied with. I just don't like that place and don't ever want to shop there. It totally ruined my experience and everything.

    The worst things is that the return policy at boutique is allowed within 14 days and with the store credit you ONLY can shop at boutiques that are in Canada. All that I went through, I could've buy in the U.S. and better selection and return policy.

    To answer your question, the old medium would look good on you and it's a practical size and I still hope everything works out well like get what you want.

    Sorry for the rant though.
  11. While it is possible that the caviar boys were not released in Canada, it is ridiculous that the SA laughed at you and said that combo would never be made by Chanel. I would think that although in Canada, working for Chanel, I would try and keep up on everything Chanel and what is released where so I could help my customers obtain what they are looking for. Do not let a terrible SA spoil your experience. You can wear whatever size bag you would like, the old medium or the new medium (med and lrg now) either would be amazing on you! Good luck!!
  12. It is sad to hear that you had a bad experience at Holts Vancouver. Based on my experiences from going in there, some SA's are nice and others are snappy.

    I have tried getting the caviar boy at the Holts Calgary store. But when I asked my SA, she said that the caviar boy's have been mostly accounted for by customers already since they took pre-order or it was off their waitlist. Holts Calgary is the only Chanel store that I know takes a waitlist. All the other Canadian Chanel stores don't have a waitlist and also they don't contact you regarding when they come in. You pretty much have to call them all the time to find out.

    Good luck on your search!
  13. Thank you, much appreciated!
  14. This is very helpful! Did you find the new medium too boxy, as that is my concern with it?
  15. So sorry for your poor experience there! You would think they would offer excellent service but sadly that isn't the case. I think I am starting to lean towards the old medium, thanks for your opinion!