Poor Bolide =(

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  1. That poor bag has seen better days. I don't think there is a spa treatment out there to revive her!
  2. Wow.
    What use it has been through.
  3. Sheesh!
  4. Some one has gotten their $$$a worth!!!:nuts:
  5. but it looks like barenia -- i'd forgive a lot of wear for barenia . . .

    where the heck is lolo? that's the bag she should buy since she's afraid to get an hermes and ruin it!
  6. Oh No! Quelle Dommage...
  7. that poor bag is a victim of abuse! it need TLC and probably a lot of therapy, too....
  8. :crybaby: Poor thing...are those pen marks inside?...:sad: .
  9. Poor bag! Why would someone buy such a pricey purse and then use it so roughly? I wonder...
  10. She let the dogs, kids and everything else loose on that poor purse. :sad:
  11. LOLO!!!! LOLO!!!! Where the heck are ya, girl? Have we got the bag for YOU!!!!!

    omg....I laughed out loud with this one.
  12. Poor Bolide! She needs a better home and a badly needed spa treatment. :sad:
  13. Jesus! What a horrible owner!
  14. Is that WhiteOut in the bottom of that bag??? :sad: