Poor bag!!!!!!

  1. Saaaaaaad. I hope they weren't too upset abt their bag. But trying too sell it off? Who'd buy it?
  2. I'll super upset!! After all, it's a Louis Vuitton!

    Hmmm, there's people who's actually bidding on it. ;p
  3. ^ I dunno, there are 15 bids on it so far and it's going for $105. I just don't think a patch will make this thing look any better. Even the leather is burned! I just dunno. I would've cried for a long time.
  4. :crybaby: Oh my that is a SAD story:crybaby:
    Not sad enough for me to spend $$$ on it ... it will be interesting to see what kind of home it does go to - for how much!!??​
  5. wow that's SO sad!!!!!
    i would be extremely devastated...
    but.. i wonder what the people who are bidding on that are thinking..
  6. I doubt it can be patch or something.. if the hole is at the BACK, maybe it will be better..

    But it's DIRECTLY at the front.

    We will wait and see the ending bid.
  7. Oh no thats awful! Likewise, I don't thing it will look good with a home repair job, any chance LV would fix something like this? I guess it would be costly though as they'd have to replace all of the denim and parts of the leather
  8. wow! :wtf: who would pay more than $100 for that?
  9. Whose stupid enough to buy that thing?
    for $100 i could get a nice no name bag and it'd use-able!
  10. There's not potential for mending on this one. O.o This is crazy.
  11. Oh, my eyes! I can't stand to see something like that!:sad:
  12. boo hoo what a shame. i dont think id sell it though just be mad at myself for letting it happen.
  13. OMG :shocked: poor bag... The burned was in front of the bag--how to hide it? I've no idea...

    But this is a bit funny :lol:

    I have some great, unburned unique items.
  14. omg!