Poor Baby Duck

  1. My BF has a river beside where he works and keeps seeing this Duck and Ducklings walking past each day.

    Today he found one of the ducklings outside his work place sadly dead.

    It seems ok not like it had been attacked or run over (there is also a road near by which is worrying because of the duck and her walks) so it's really sad that it died maybe it got lost or something :crybaby:
  2. :sad:
    How sad!
  3. I know I teared up a bit when he was teling me, he dug a little grave and burried it rest in peace baby ducky
  4. ^^ awwwww, now that is the crux of this story. "he buried it". what a sweet and sensitive boyfriend he is. that's just so sweet and sensitive... you're lucky to have him. looks how he takes care of things of nature.
  5. ^ Yes I agree! What a nice caring BF you have! Poor little Baby Duck! :crybaby: I hope the little one's in a better place now.
  6. ^ita :sad: