Poor, abused Mizi!

  1. At first sight, a Mizi for $920 looks like a bargain. That is, until you see the condition it's in- dirty handles, rain-spotted vachetta, worn piping and all :wtf: Granted we've all seen bags in worse condition but I think this is the most abused Mizi I've ever seen- with high desirability and a low production run, Mizis seem to be much better maintained in general compared to most mono bags.

  2. Poor Mizi:sad:
  3. You'd think that someone would take better care of such a desirable bag. :shrugs:
  4. looks like someone enjoyed using their bag :smile:

    its a bargain buy it and replace the vachetta.
  5. It must have been the workhorse.
  6. It just looks so used and abused!! Poor bag...
  7. Aww soo sad to see it but ^^great idea to buy and replace the vachetta. Especially with such a limited and wanted item, why not?!
  8. poor poor Mizi :crybaby:
  9. Wow, someone really used that bag!
  10. hmm maybe I'm the only one... but I really don't think that that Mizi looks so bad. I think it looks GREAT! The piping isn't bad either (compared to eg. my BH)...
  11. Yeah, I saw this and at first thought *WOW* $920 for a Mizi .... Gimme, Gimme, Gimme.

    Then I saw the close up pictures and was like *EEK* if I get it the vachetta would need to be replaced asap.
  12. would try cleaning it first with Magic Easer did wonders on my cokecola stained bag thrn worry about replace what does not come clean
  13. Just curious- does LV make vachetta pieces from scratch for LE bags like that? The only replacements I've seen so far have been standard sections for bags still being produced (i.e. speedy, alma, etc.)
  14. No, I agree with you. I've seen worse bags. The canvas is in good shape and the interior is clean. Most of the water marks can be evened out with baby wipes...the piping can be smoothed out with Apple Leather Care...I think that the *worst* parts are the handles (which, by the looks of it, aren't bad compared to some speedy handles I've seen).

    Am I being blind (?) because really, I've seen MUCH worse. :shrugs:
  15. Completely agree, you basically said what I was thinking. I've seen way worse (black speedy handles) the canvas, interior and piping looks fine. Just use some baby wipes to even out the water marks.