Pooping daily? lol

  1. Hello..

    I wanted to ask u guys if theres any kind of supplement or something to help u poop daily?

    I sometimes go on for two days max without pooping..and I hate it bc I feel extra fat.

    I sometimes drink this Chinese tea but its basically a laxative but I don't want to keep doing that.

    I think I drink enough water too.

  2. I think flax seed is supposed to help with that.
  3. yes, flax seed should definitely help...basically anything high in fiber, like whole grains and veggies. Maybe you need to add more to your diet? You could always take a fiber supplement too to stay regular. It's important to go every day!
  4. eat some kashi cereal. Once I had a huge bowl not knowing its effects. Yea, basically makes bowls move.
  5. lol u guys, I'm at walgrees right now on my treo checkin to see if anyone responded to my thread! I'm gonna buy some fiber mix!!! hehehe!
  6. what is that seed?? I'm going to buy benefiber.
  7. I've heard good things about Benefiber.

    Do you eat a lot of cheese? Cheese makes me all stopped up.

    I'm a 1x dayer :smile:
  8. I just want to thank you for posting this thread.

    Lately I've been suffering from the same problem & it's embarrassing. And I start feeling fat too & my stomach does stick out.

    I'm going to try that cereal. I've been taking a laxative here and there but don't want to depend on that or have my body get use to them which is not healthy.

    This is my possible theory........the only thing I can think of is that I drink diet coke and maybe that slows things down? Because I notice when I'm not drinking it throughout the day things go back to normal. Could diet coke be my problem? I do drink water too during the day so I think I'm getting enough fluids.
  9. diet coke does have caffeine, which is a diuretic. Maybe you should switch to caffeine free.
  10. I would start with your diet before going the supplement/laxative route. Make sure you're eating a well-balanced diet, and try for natural fiber first.
  11. You shouldn't use laxatives because they make your bowels lazy and the bowels become dependent on them. Fiber is the correct way to go. It gives the bowels something to grasp when it contracts to move everything through the system. The other thing that really really helps is exercise. This seems to help for even those people with the opposite problem. OK, I'm not a poop expert lol, but I had to learn a lot about these things for my job and basically discussed all of this daily for about four years.
  12. Lots of fruit & veggies. Salads and raisins are good. I noticed every time I give my girls raisins they go!
  13. Drink water.
    Eat fruits and veggies.
    You could also try sugar-free candies - the sorbitol in them is a natural laxative.
  14. I took Benefiber last nite, and today is day 3 that I haven't pooped yet. I am soooooo fat today!!!!!
  15. Fibre is good, like Salba contains lots of fibre. It's a grain that you can put in yogurt or cereal. Also, when you eat more fibre, don't forget to drink more water otherwise things can get "stopped up."