Poop stories!! (WARNING: contains TMI!! Do not read while eating!)

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  1. So in another thread we started talking about poop. And well, you all know I'm very out spoken, and I thought it would be hilarious to start a thread of my poop stories. Please feel free to share yours too. That way I know I'm not alone. (LOL)

    Well this is my Mom's story. Back in the refugee camp they didn't have restrooms but instead a pool. (Literally a pool) and to use the "restroom" you climb up the diving board, and walk the board to the end where you will be greeted with a hole at the end. Sit down on the hole and just let it out. Well my Mom, being a small little Asian girl at the time, slipped through and fell into the pool of poop, pee, and tons of Aunt Flows. :throwup:She said she was kicking and screaming, and crying. (Poop was flopping everywhere from all her kicking!) My Great Aunt saw poop fly from through the window, and went out to fnd my Mom suffering and sinking in. She got my Mom out (dont know how though) and gave her a good bath. (Without making funny faces! she got skills!! I would have yacked!)

    So glad I live in a place with modern toilets!
  2. wow, i didn't realize poop will provide so much of a cushion for falls, your mom could've been hurt but the poop saved her!

    i don't think anyone can beat that one
  3. A bit of a distasteful thread methinks.
  4. wow! that's crazy- that surely takes the cake. ewww! I would have also lost my stomach trying to clean that up.

    there are two poop stories that come to mind. When I was 15 and on European travel with a group and we were in Switzerland. It was raining in the countryside and one of the chaperones slipped on cow doo and fell and slid all the way down the hill on it.

    The other, the burrito scene from "Harold and Kumar go to white castle". lol
  5. AHAHHAAA!! i love how not only did they fall on the doo, but they slid all the way down the hill while still on it. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    and i've never seen harold and kumar. i fell asleep!!

  6. She smelled for the rest of the day........farm hand told us that that $h*t is slippery, literally, lol!

    I love Harold and Kumar, a must see. Parts are boring, but most is LMAO.
  7. ugh...Im leaving this thread...I just do not know what to say...just eeeewwww
  8. Im closing...
    This is a PURSE FORUM


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