Pooo eBay Whiskey Ali Boo-boo's..

  1. Well I just had my first experience with an icky bag on eBay. There was a woman selling her Whiskey Ali and I emailed and offered her 250 for it (it was used and looked nice and squishy worn in which is what I wanted), she agreed and we chatted it up too! She's a purse lady too and she was and still is really nice. Well I just got the bag and it's used like I thought, but there are lots of things she failed to mention about the bag. The inner flap of the ali is dirty and theres a pen mark. Also theres some weird dark water spots on the top of it. I don't want to return it, 250 is a good deal for the Ali and I want to look into a way to clean the dirt off the flap (any ideas?) but I'm kinda bummed about it. I'm sending her an email in hopes that she'll give me more of a discount since the flaws weren't mentioned but meh...

    On a more pleasant note I got lots of goodies coming mainly thanks to rethreads!!
    Sig Stripe Satchel in Mahogany
    Sig Stripe Tote in Mahogany
    Sig Stripe Wristlet in Mahogany
    AND Turtle keyfob!

    So excited!
  2. Candy,

    I am really sorry about your experience with this seller. Here is what I can share. I have an Ali in Whiskey and the Hippie Bag in whiskey. They both have water spot on them. These were caused by rain. There is a card in the Legacy Leather handbags that states -The Legacy Leather will spot when exposed to water. The spots will blend into the vintage leather over time and will add character to the piece. The only Legacy Leathers that do not spot are the black and white. For some reson this leather is different. There really is nothing you can do to remove the spots. I have them on both of my bags, the only thing you can do is wear the bag and expose it to sun and air and hopefully the spots will blend in as the leather darkens. As the seller did not disclose the real condition of the bag I would write her back and ask her if you can return it. If I were you I would buy the bag directly from Coach with the PCE brand new in the brown or whiskey color or the color of your choice.

    kind regards,
  3. Well I'm more worried about the dirtiness of the legacy lining. Does anyone know if I an clean it? It just looks like dirt.. If I could clean that up then I think I would feel better. =P
  4. ^^^^ candy - try some baby wipes. I used those on my legacy stripe wristlet (and, come to think of it, lining on my "as is" deal whiskey shoulder from the outlet) and they worked great. Just don't soak the spot or it will leave a water stain.

    Also, my whiskey shoulder got some water spots on it but they did fade over time.
  5. I can't help you with the dirty lining, but my water stains faded over time. Have you tried rubbing them out at all with the natural oils in your skin?

    Good Luck.
  6. I love the titles of you posts Candy!!! My Legacy pouch got wet on the first day I used her. The stains did dry and fade within a couple of days. It did make the bag a bit darker. As for the lining, I agree with the baby wipe suggestion.
  7. Just tried baby wipes, didn't even fade the dirt. Grrrr
  8. I'm so sorry! Have you tried a tide- to- go pen? I don't know if that's right for a lining like the Legacy. But it works very well on clothes, and it's easy too! You just have to push the pen down to get the liquid out of the pen. I would email the seller asking for a partial refund. If you're that destressed though, just return it, it's really not worth your worry! Sorry!
  9. I just got it! I dipped a baby wipe in my detergant, rubbed the hell out of the stains and then rubbed again with a regular wipe and the dirt is gone!
  10. Yay! :yahoo:
  11. Great solution:wlae: