Pookie broke his leg:(

  1. Pookie, our little foster dog was playing with one of our dogs and broke his leg:crybaby:

    He is at the surgeon's office now, they will do X-rays this afternoon and surgery first thing in the am.

    Poor little Pookie, he must be so scared. The other dogs are all worried and upset.
  2. I'm sure he'll be OK. Doggies are very resistant, and will thrive with lots of love. Pookie is lucky to have you!!
  3. I had that happen when my dog was a puppy.

    She had a little tiny cast for several weeks. The break cured just fine.

    When it happened, I rushed her to the vet. I was so scared I was in tears.

    At the end of the exam and casting, the doctor said to me:
    "We don't want to give her pain medication because we want her to stay OFF that leg.
    YOU, however, should go home and have two martinis."
  4. I hope they can just cast it without having to put in pins!

    And now the bigger problem is going to be placing the pup, my SO has such a soft heart that it might kill him to give up a pup that we had to nurse back to health.

    He already is blaming himself for the puppy getting hurt because he thinks that if he was not here the pups might have been sleeping instead of playing:crybaby:
  5. awww. :sad: I'm sure the vet will take very good care of him and he'll be back to normal in no time! I know that must be so scary going through that as a parent, try not to worry too much. I hope he gets better soon!
  6. Xrays confirm that Pookie has a fractured tibia:crybaby:

    The vet will be operating first thing in the am.

    He will not know until then whether he will be putting in a titanium plate or whether he will be able to hold everything together with pins & wire.
  7. Aw im terribly sorry! Im so scared that my puppy will break his leg (hes a 2 pound toy poodle) and he plays with my 40 lbs standard poodle lol but shes really gentle but it still stresses me out a bit! Hope everything works out ok!
  8. Aww--poor Pookie!!! :sad:

    I hope the surgery goes well--be sure to let us know!
  9. Sending hugs and best wishes to you and Pookie!:heart:
  10. Best wishes to Pookie *hugs* Wishing him a speedy recovery :heart:
  11. Sending healing vibes to Pookie! Let us know how it goes.:heart:
  12. Sorry to hear little Pookie got hurt. My newest puppy had her leg broken when she was with her first family. They never got it set, and it healed improperly. When they dumped her at the shelter they took her to the vet and they though they would have to amputate, but the vet was able to save her leg. They operated on it in December, and we got her about a month ago. I must say that she is walking quite nicely, though she limps on occasion. I'm sure little Pookie will be fine since she got medical attention right away. :yes:
  13. Aww poor Pookie. Hope the surgery goes good. Sending good thoughts your way.
  14. Thanks for all the good wishes and healthy vibes!

    Pookie has a pin holding his tibia together, but the vet is confident that he will make a full recovery.
  15. I'm so sorry this happened to Pookie. I hope everything turns out okay. Keep us posted on Pookie's recovery.