Poodle Survives 19 Days in Van

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  1. This is so horribly sad and just makes me so angry that a guy could forget about his dog! I'm pretty sure the dog must have made some noise at one point so I don't see why or how he could forget!


    SOUTH BURLINGTON, Vt. - Police say a poodle mistakenly left for nearly three weeks inside a van in a Vermont airport parking garage has survived.
    The 12-year-old miniature poodle lost half its body weight and endured subzero temperatures. Police believe it was without food and water for 19 days.
    Police say the dog is recovering and not available for adoption.
    The male dog was discovered Jan. 6 after someone reported a foul odor coming from the vehicle.
    The owner, 50-year-old Pascal Bellon of Frelighsburg, Quebec, says he didn't know the dog was in the vehicle. He was issued a ticket for cruelty to animals and has agreed to give up custody of the pet and pay veterinary bills.
  2. OMG. How could he not have known the dog was in the car? Thats total BS! Ugh. People make me sick.

    Im so happy the dog survived and I wish it a speedy recovery!
  3. :wtf: that poor poodle im so glad it managed to survive! I agree there is NO WAY he didnt know the dog was in there.
  4. That is so horrible!!! I can't even imagine how anyone could do something so cruel to a helpless animal - that poor baby! I'm so amazed & happy the poodle survived. I hope that poodle goes to a loving home & lives a long, healthy, happy, unconfined life. I hope the "human" who left the poodle comes back in his next life as a toilet scrub brush :cursing:
  5. Poor thing! It's so sad that it happened right before a trip. When I was a teen one of our dogs had snuck into the car while we were in the garage and stayed quiet during a trip to the mall... we only found out when we went back to the car after 2 hours of shopping.

    It was awful, but it was only 2 hours as opposed to 19 days. I can sort of see how it could happen, but in any other circumstance, the end result wouldn't have been as tragic as this one since the owner wasn't leaving for the airport.
  6. That is so incredibly sad :crybaby:

    How do you NOT know your dog is in a van for 19 days? That guy was lying his pants off!!:cursing:

    I hope that sweet dog gets better quickly an soon has a new and better loving home.
  7. The owner was parked in a airport parking garage, so I think he went on a trip without knowing his dog had snuck into the car. Any other day, and the dog would have been found when they got home, but the dog probably got into the car when the owner was leaving for a long trip. :sad:
  8. But wouldn't someone have been in charge of watching the poodle while he was gone? How could it have just gone completely unnoticed. Something isn't right here.

    Poor dog, I'm so glad it survived and I hope it gets a second chance with a caring family.
  9. Exactly. If he left for a long trip, someone else should have been in charge of caring for the dog. It disgusts me how negligent and cruel people can be to their own pets.
  10. That's true. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt because I find it hard to believe that people can be that cruel, but someone would have reported the dog missing if everything was legit.
  11. Poor dog :crybaby:

    People can be so cruel.
  12. Man, that is so messed up!! How could he have not known anything!! its so pathetic! Were did he think that the dog was. I have a poodle and I think of her every five minutes. If I am in the house and she is not bothering me, I freak out!!
  13. This story makes me so angry, that poor poor poodle, thank goodness it made it out alive. I rescued a toy poodle in December, the poor little thing was all skin and bones. I was afraid it wouldn't even make it through it's first trip to the vet. Fortunately he's recovered very well, I hope the poodle in this post is able to fully recover :sad: