PooDarling's Collection 2006 - 2007

  1. Here's a pic of my collection. I don't know why the picture came out so horrible. But I already put all my bags in their dustbags/boxes. I don't really want to take them all out to take another pic. Hehe!
  2. What a great little collection! :love:
  3. Such a varied collection! Lovely! I'm in love with the Gucci!
  4. Thanks! I know it's not much as compared to everyone elses collection. I'm hoping to expand it over time, but for now these are my little treasures.
  5. wow you have a great collection. I really like each piece.
  6. Great collection- love the Dior Romantique and Chanel!
  7. Love your diors
  8. Nice bags!!!!
  9. Great collection!! Thanks for sharing!!
  10. congrats!love them!
  11. Great collection! Love the MC speedy!!
  12. Lovin' that white MC Speedy and Gucci Pelham!!
  13. Your new chanel and the mc speedy :heart::heart::heart::drool:
  14. i love everything !
  15. I love the way this all looks together (too bad you probably don't carry them all at the same time!). I especially like your magic bag--that is a great size and it has such a cute shape.