Pooch Problems with Postal Person???

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  1. Has anyone ever had a problem with their postal carrier making a fuss over their dogs??? :confused1:

    I have a new mail person delivering to my house (lived her 12 years) and she hates my dogs. I have an iron storm door with two deadbolts in front of my wooden door, but she has decided that my dog's barking is "obnoxious" to her and has refused to deliver my mail on occassion. :wtf:

    I'm at my wits end as to how to deal with this. My dogs have never been out front of my house (OMG, never!!), they are my kids, both AKC show dogs, and yes, they bark, cause you know, dogs- LOL.


    Any recourse for me????
  2. That's crazy! I don't know if there's anything you can do about it or not, but maybe going to your post office and speaking to the supervisor (if there is such a thing) would help. Your mail person is making a very huge error in judgement. That's just wrong.

    Our mail person is nuts, but his weirdness doesn't have anything to do with my dogs, thankfully. I'll save my rants over him for another thread.
    Good luck to you! You should be able to get your mail.
  3. Thanks Leelee!! Ugh, sounds like a story!! I'm interested in your rant now!! LOL

    My previous carrier and my UPS and FedEx drivers all bring cookies for my girls cause they are so sweet. But yanno, they are dogs and they bark.

    I actually filed a complaint against the postal person on 10/02 after she made some horrid comment about them to my face. No one responded.

    Now the US Postal Inspection service is involved they are not interested in impartiality. They said all that matters is how she feels!! OMG. I asked if there wasn't a way to validate her insane claims so she could be proven a liar, and they said no. If I persisted they would stop mail to my entire street!!!

    I'm thinking maybe call my Congressperson???
  4. ^
    Yes, maybe calling your Congressperson is a good way to proceed. A mailperson has to be able to tolerate confined dogs, barking or not. It just comes with the territory. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor friendly dogs greeting the postal carrier should deter a person from getting his or her mail.

    How irrational of the US Postal Inspection Service! Imagine, not delivering mail to an entire street! Maybe a letter to your newspaper would help along with contacting your Congress person or your County Executive?
  5. Great idea! I'll be writing letters all weekend - LOL!!!

    The really silly thing is my dogs are total sweeties!! One is a retired AKC champion weim and the other is a current ranking OB champ. Both just love people and to be petted. My UPS guy delivered some Christmas stuff from Neimies today and he sat and loved them both up for a few minutes. :heart:

    I don't get some people. :crybaby:
  6. This must be so upsetting for you. Not knowing the mail carrier, all I can say is possibly she's had some bad experiences with dogs, and although your dogs are good and not loose, she just can't think rationally around them? I'm not making excuses for her, because you've done nothing wrong. The USPS response is idiotic--what are they thinking?!:wacko:
  7. I don't either! People think I'm friendly and nice, but they have no idea that inside I'm shaking like a leaf when I'm talking to them. I am so nervous around people (even my own sisters)! But around dogs and cats, I'm very comfortable. So when I encounter people who have problems with pets I am at a loss. I mean, I respect their feelings, but my goodness, a pet is so loveable!

    Your mail person is really off-base with the way she is handling your mail and your lovable dogs. Clearly you are a responsible pet owner. Let us know how things develop.

    By the way, do you have any pictures of your little babies?
  8. That's unbelievable!! That person should be fired. If they are afraid of dogs then what the hell are they doing in that profession?!? How rediculous.
  9. Thanks Girls!! :love:

    The more I think about this the more I doubt that this has anything to do with my girls.

    It seems like this is a passive-aggressive tactic to force me to do something for her when she delivers my mail (close my front door). She also lied and said I was harrassing her when I asked her to hand me my mail on the specific request of her supervisor who was on the phone with me at the time.

    But her pulling me sweet girls into this is just inexcusable.

    Here are my angels:
  10. And the other cuddle-muffin (this one prefers to sleep *in* my lap! LOL)


  11. Precious, adorable, lovable, sweet, contented pups! I could just pet them for hours! Makes me wonder all over again what is wrong with your mail person!
  12. They are adorable!! Unfortunately some peple have prejudices against Rottweilers or big dogs in general. Which is silly because they are just as sweet as small dogs.

    My step-moms dad had this teeny chihuahua when I was younger and I was afraid of him. He was the most agressive, mean and bitey little bugger in the world. I would not go near him. He would literally go for people's ankles.

    A few years ago I babysat a chi that was not as bad, but not friendly either, and a few times tried to bite me, but would otherwise lay on my lap and be okay.

    Last year I finally got my own chi, and she's the sweetest thing in the world. Really just the best temperament. So I could have taken past experiences, or what I knew of chi's and hated them. But I'm not a stupid person lol and I can't discriminate against a breed based on any of that. My dad was weary of chihuahua's as well..and met Maya and loved her up.

    right. So the moral of this story is...some people have baggage and they need to just get over it. Your dogs are cute, and I'm sure they're sweet, and that person needs to do her job! haha the end.
  13. What exactly did your carrier say?

    It's ridiculous that your dogs (and they sound like such sweet creatures, by the way) have 'disturbed' this carrier so much that the entire STREET has to suffer!
  14. LOL, my carrier said, "Your dogs are obnoxious and I don't have to deliver your mail if you can't make them shut up", or something very close. My friend was standing right behind her and heard the whole thing!! She said this with her foot on my storm door while she put each piece of mail in the box, one by slow one.

    OMG, what if that had been my baby crying?! Would I have to stop a child from crying to please her too???

    From outside the storm door you can't tell what kind of dogs they are, all you can see is the thick iron gate/grate.
  15. I thought your mail carrier was way out of line from the start, but now that I know you have a thick iron gate/grate, I can only think she is wacko! That kind of entryway provides even more of a boundary than say a simple screen door or a storm door or, like at our house, nothing, between your dogs inside and the person outside! She has a problem and she's chosen you and your dogs as the recipients of her hostility.
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