Ponytail Scarves

  1. I love the idea of actually wearing it like a headband instead of just as bag flair. I try to tie them on my head but they just slip and slide everywhere. Can someone give me some helpful hints on how to wear them on my head? I thought of bobby pins but haven't given them a go yet. Thought I'd check with you ladies first.

  2. Well I wear them like headbands but I have to make sure they are closer to my forehead and I tie them super tight. However, I don't have super slippery hair so if that is you then I would suggest bobby pins, but get plastic coated, not metal ones, otherwise you might end up with rusty stains on your scarf.
  3. yeah i know what you mean by making them super tight but in the process of trying to do that they slide towards the back of my head. i didn't realize how 'slippery' my hair was. :lol:

    Good idea not to use the metal pins. Thanks!
  4. i know one of the hair companies make a headband that comes w/scarfs but it would be great for the coach ones. I've been trying to find it everywhere and no luck.
    this is whta it is, see you can weave it through one end and have it cover the whole headband and put it thru the other side.

    but I can't find them in stores!!!!
  5. I use two bobby pins on each side and have them criss cross. They seem to stay in place better that way and i put them right behind my ears. no slippage! Works great!
  6. I will have to try that!!!
  7. Oh, good ideas! I'll have to try some of them. I have the same problems when I try wearing my ponytail scarves as headbands, too!
  8. ditto!

    and i agree, i love wearing them as headbands rather than tying it on my bags.
  9. candac3mari3, I found that headband with the holes in it so you could loop the scarf within it @ Wal-mart. Just $3!! I got one. After looking at the link you posted I went on a hunt for it because i have a difficult time tying it to my head. I was about to just buy some cheap headband and somehow attach the scarf around it but I think there might be sewing involved and I didn't want to do that. So luckily I found it. I can't wait to use it. Thanks candac3mari3 for posting that link!
  10. Ohh you found one!? PICS PICS PICS!!!
  11. candac3mari3- I have also seen that headband with the holes at Ulta. I think its like $20. I hope you find one!
  12. I've seen those at Wal Mart... OMG I have to get one now. I never thought of that. But too bad I sold all my Coach scarves!
  13. I put mine realllly close to my forehead. You cant see any hair between the scarf and my forehead, its all covered.
    If I dont do it like that it will slip like yours does. I also tie its oober tight.
  14. I love putting headbands and scarves in my hair. I can't tie them too tight because I'll easily get a headache. I usually tie them and then place a bobby pin on each side. My hair is curly and not very slippery but the headband/scarf will eventually slide back as the day progresses. I've never had to re-tie a scarf when I have the bobby pins in place.
  15. I also want to see the pics of the headband with holes--I can't picture how this would work. I actually quit buying ponytail scarves, but get the new longer ones from coach. I also love LV bandeaus the best for hair ;)