Ponytail Scarf?

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  1. I have a Legacy Stripe Ponytail Scarf and I know I can wear a it as a headband or put it on my bag, but I have no idea what else I can do with it.:shrugs:

    Any suggestions?
  2. You can tie it around your neck or put it in your ponytail:p If you are super tiny you may be able to put it around your waist, I guess.
  3. My mom said the neck thing too... It'd look cute around my waist, but I'd need three or four of them:amuse:
  4. My SA suggested to just tie it around a belt loop since it doesn't really work as a true belt like the oblong scarfs do. You could either tie it in a bow or just knot it to let it hang longer.
  5. I have done that before and it looked cute. Works well if you have your shirt untucked. Just tie it around one belt loop and let the ends hang. It looks like you have a belt on but you don't. Very cute!
  6. i have the same one, i actually fold it in a little bit so that you can see both the signature and the legacy stripe, and then i wear it as a headband. i also make pretty little bows on my belt loops with them...or tie them around my wrist.