ponytail scarf

  1. Do you use the ponytail scarf in your hair or on your bag or as a belt? If you use it on your hair or belt, does anyone have a photo of how it looks? I think they are so pretty and would love to use it in my hair (I have very hair) but to be honest I am not quite sure what to do with it. Is this a casual look or could you wear it to an office?
  2. I can only wear the oblong scarves as a belt, the pony tail scarf is not long enough. I have tied it on my bag a few times as well as in my hair.
  3. I use my ponytail scarves in my hair. I would prefer they were a tad shorter because I'm not into the over hang a lot.

    OT, The ponytail scarf on the cover of the coach catalog? Is that for sale? I scoured the catalog and online and can't find it.
  4. ^ there was a thread on this :sad: it's safe to say there are some stuff in the catalog that are not for sale, i think the headband too but not 100% sure.

    i wish they sold the dresses on the models instead of the sweaters! not that the sweater isn't cute...but the dress would be gorgeous!
  5. maybe you could do some creative folding and make that headband out of an oblong scarf...
  6. I love ponytail and oblong scarves. I don't have a regular square scarf just cause it's not as functional as the other scarves for me.
  7. I wear them on my hair as a headband and I tie them on my bags. And they are too small for anyone to use them as a belt.