Ponytail Scarf - opinions?

  1. I'm looking into buying an optic signature ponytail scarf .. (Coach - New OPTIC SIGNATURE PONYTAIL SCARF)

    Do any of you have one?
    My hair is about the length of my clavicle (I guess that's a weird reference point? haha) .. a little past my shoulders, and is light brown with dark brown lowlights .. I'm trying to decide what color would be best (and if it would look good with my length of hair?)

    I think I like the blue best, but I also like the green. HELLPP!
    Also, if you have any pictures of you wearing other ponytail scarves I'd like to see them. I always think they are so cute but I'm not sure if they're for me.
  2. I have the khaki one right now, but I plan on having all of them, cuz I wear the hell out of some scarfs, I wear it has a headband. The blue and green are beautiful. I imagine any color would look good with your hair!! I don't think you would be disappointed with any of the colors, they are all tdf!
  3. I love the ponytail scarfs. They would look great as a head band (I fold it in half and then tie it in the back and secure it with boby pins behind my ears). If you have to pick between the colors, go by what outfits that you would wear it with and how well each color matches. If you wear more blue, then get the blue. But if you wear a lot of neutrals then I say get the green, but if you wear a lot of black I would suggest getting green because it will be a nice POP to your outfits.
  4. they also look great around my dog neck! lol
  5. All of the colors look great, I like the khaki best just because it can match with almost everything. I also love the blue.
  6. Yeah, I love the blue, but I don't wear a lot of blue .. I wear a lot of pinks, browns .. kind of warm colors, so I'm thinking khaki even. Hmm.
  7. I would go with khaki since you wear pinks and browns and warm colors
  8. I agree.