Pony vs Calfskin Leather?

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  1. Hello! Need help. Anybody with experience or familiar with Pony and Calfskin Leather? I am deciding if I'll go for the Pony or Calf. Help?

    Similarities, differences..? Yays.. Nays...?:yes:
  2. Calfskin leather is the younger more supple version of cowhide. Most of the Choo bags are made using calf.

    Pony is either synthetic pony hair backed with leather, or calf hair backed with leather. Pony is often printed in an animal print. It is also solid. I almost bought a pair of solid pony flats yesterday. On the Choo site there are several pony items, made with calf pony.

    So they are two totally different types of finishes. I have one pony bag, a small leopard print Coach from about 6 years ago. I never carry it if it is raining.

    Are you looking for something casual, everyday, sturdy, etc? Let us know.
  3. Thanks for the reply jburgh!

    Bear with me... I need to make sure Im understanding this right..

    So is pony hair a type of leather? Is it even leather by itself? The pony hair term is throwing me off a little bit (sorry..) I was talking to an SA of JC, and yes, he's been using the same terms. Is it actually pony hair "mounted" on leather?

    I was hoping to go for a sturdier bag - you know an everyday JC. So, I was almost giving in to the Calfskin. BUT I can't resist the luxurious effect of the shiny pony (I was looking at Alex). I have some products made of Calfskin. Very supple and sturdy yes.

    So what's your take on pony? Is it even worth the price?? It's double the price of calfskin. How delicate is it in the range of 1-10? 10 as most delicate = you can't rub it with anything?

    Thanks in advance! I needed experts. :tup:
  4. abilicious - Pony hair is not real pony's hair. But it is hair, hair from the cow. When you see a pony hair bag or pair of shoes in real life, it looks like a live cows skin with hair. I hope I am explaining this right. The leather is tanned with the hair still on it. The hair is bleached, dyed, and/or printed upon.

    Calf leather is the same as regular leather, except it is from a younger animal and is more supple. Leather comes in all qualities, I'm sure Choo uses high quality hides...it sure feels good.

    I think pony hair is a little more delicate, in that you have to be more careful with it. If you are rough on a bag, you can potentially rub off some hair and have some bald spots.

    Pony hair comes and goes in and out of style. So, it would be considered more trendy. If I was looking for a bag for years of everyday use, I'd prefer leather.

    Hope that all made sense. Where are you from? Nordstrom has pony hair Cruise 07 Choos right now.
  5. =) made more sense to me. Thanks!

    So really, you can feel the hair on a pony hair bag? (i'm thinking like those shoes..)

    Hey - thanks a lot. If that's the case, I think I'll be in trouble if I get the ponyhair and use it. I dont think I'm rough because I change bags every couple of days, so they get breaks.. but know how it is when you really love it. Although I know, calfskin is not really that shiny. It's weird because I like the shine but not patent shine. Do you think the Alex will look good in the Calfskin leather anyway?

  6. Yes - you can see and feel the hair. It is real hair, about 4-6mm long. Touching it is like petting a cow, LOL.

    I have not seen a calf Alex in real life. It is available in suede all over this area. Perhaps someone else who reads this thread has one and will post an opinion.

    BTW, those pony hair shoes are at Barney's New York, and they are really cool! Follow this link to see them. They run about a 1/2 size small. Click on the picture to enlarge and you will see the hair! http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/product.s?productId=527050&source=category&index=12&prodIndex=12&listSize=23&query=pony+hair&searchBox=true&y=0&x=0
  7. Which design from JC would you like better..
    Ayse or Alex??
  8. I am not particularly fond of either. I am more of a Ramona, Ring, Radiant, Mahala girl. But if I had to pick a free one, I would choose the Ayse in the blue/purple shimmer python (dream on jburgh! :smile: )
  9. If I ever seriously stray to another designer (I only have ONE bbag!) I hope that there is someone of Jburgh's caliber to guide me through the mine field of choices/styles that are out there! :tup:
  10. Mahala was my first love until my SA talked me into considering Alex or Ayse. You know how they are, so I got curious.

    You know what, I keep going back to it anyway, to the Mahala. Glad I asked you that. It reminded me of what I really wanted in the first place. ;) It's not on sale though..:sad:
  11. :tup: yeah, she's great. Very generous!
  12. Hmm....so have you considered the Ring? In black? It's such a great slouchy bag (we shan't talk of the Nude though...as it is not so slouchy and this has distressed me greatly). But really, the Ring is a GREAT JC bag! :yahoo:
  13. Tell me more about it. I'm all ears (and eyes.) Is it like super slouchy?? How does it compare to the Alex and Mahala? Love the Mahala!

    How big is the ring?
  14. MAJOR girl sigh :girlsigh:...I truly LOVE this bag!! :heart::heart::heart:

    So here's the dish. I have it in both the burgundy and black biker leather (as well as the Nude...for the moment, but that is going back to NAP...as it is too structured).

    Anyway, it is the softest, lightest leather....the bag in photos looks rectangular, but it isn't (again, discount the nude), it's so smooshy...the most perfect casual bag....when I die I will be cremated and my ashes will be placed in a JC Ring bag and sent to Samantha so she can place said bag alongside her new commode cover! It is my dream. :angel: