Pony hair?

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  1. I saw a beautiful pony-hair bad today, but I'm am afraid it is a skinned pony. Am I correct?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. i don't know if it's skinned pony or not, but i never thought of having one.
    kinda too difficult to take care of :P
  3. A lot of things marked as pony hair is from calfs not a ponies.

    If it has leather does it make a difference if its from a pony or calf since the animal is dead either way?
  4. If I knew it was a pony then I couldn't carry it either. I am not technically morally opposed but as a general policy, I don't eat or wear cute animals. Cows? So not cute. Rabbits on the other hand? I can't wear rabbit fur without thinking of the poor bunnies. So ponies? Yes, I sure do love me some cute furry ponies.

    Again, just so I'm clear, I have no actual moral objection. Its just a mental block.
  5. Hehe, just kidding! :P

    cute calf2.JPG
  6. LOL i'm the same way, i won't eat or wear anything cute either... I almost cried when someone in the LV forum posted their chinchilla earmuffs. All i could picture was my cute little chinchillas at home... poor things!
  7. OMG That is TOO funny. That's why I can't eat veal...I love baby cows! :smile:
  8. I don´t buy the pony hair bags, shoes etc.
  9. Wait! I DO love you, baby cow! Baby cows ARE cute! I don't eat veal or wear calf-skin. Just grown up cows aren't cute. I grew up in a town with cows. They are big and annoying and smell funny and don't tip over as easily as some stories would lead you to believe. :shrugs:
  10. A lot of the items are pony print calf hair--I would check the labels before buying, if it will cause you kharma probs in the future.
  11. Yes.. most pony hair is just hair on calf. Just another way to say it. But who really knows... unless you're there when that particular animal dies...
  12. <<Again, just so I'm clear, I have no actual moral objection. Its just a mental block.>>

    Thank you everyone! I have nothing against eating a steak, because I am fooling myself that it is from an animal. But as a kid, I lived the meat "toungue', until I knew it WAS a toungue.

    Anyway, I will leave the amaing pony-hair tote at Marshalls for someone else to find!

    Thanks again!