Pony Hair Kelly?

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  1. Today I stepped inside a H store in HK and on the shelf I saw a Kelly with pony hair?? I didn't have enough time to take a close look. So does anyone knows how rare is the bag? and the price?

  2. It is called Troika. Not that rare. I have seen them during the winter season in several stores. Really really lovely. Probably more rare in HK as it's always so hot there! As for cost, I am not sure. I would imagine, somewhere in between ostrich and regular leather.
  3. I saw one at my local store around x'mas time. Surprisingly, it wasn't expensive at all. Next to the troika, there was a box leather kelly. The troika was cheaper than the box kelly if that gives you an idea. With pony hair, I worry about maintenance, also it's a strictly winter bag.