Pony Hair - how is it?

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  1. Celine newbie here.

    Right now i'm so in love with the edge bag and i want an orange one.

    our local celine has one but in pony hair.

    i really wanted python but after reading how they get the skins, i cannot fathom getting one.

    How does it hold up over time?

  2. I have a pony hair nano, it's beautiful if you have time to baby it, like be gentle don't get it stained or caught on anything.
  3. My SA personally advises me not to buy pony hair. It balds along edges but if you are going to use it sparingly, it should be okay but it just leaves me so anxious!
  4. thanks, Logic!!

    thanks cotonblanc! no wonder there are 3 on the floor - still unsold
  5. Wait for a full leather one. I rather buy python than ponyhair! :biggrin: The Edge is a great under-the-radar bag.
  6. thanks Cotonblanc! pics sent by my SA

    guess what skin the other bag is......it's ostrich

    FEET!!! soooooo cooool!
  7. Handled that in person. The amber tones of the ostrich leg is just like a jewel. Very pretty
  8. ooh. how do you like it? i like the quirkiness bec it;s not everyday you come across an ostrich leg bag

    wish it came in gray or blue gray though
  9. I admire it but it won't push me to buy it. Amber ostrich leg skin is nice... Not sure if it works on the Edge.. Might age the bag further.
  10. i've never heard of ostrich feet used on bags. interesting! :smile:

  11. thanks for your opinion, Cotonblanc.

    thanks for saying it's not that nice.

    really appreciate your inputs on the celine thread too!
  12. it IS interesting, isn't it?