Pony Hair..HELP HELP!!!!

  1. There is a gorgeous white/calclaire pony hair first on ebay right now w/ swarovski crystals..I LOVE LOVE it. Does anyone have pony hair..what are your opinions on it..and, most important..how hard is it to maintain?? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Ive seen this particular one it really is pretty. My sister has a caramel large one -i'm not familiar with it's name- in pony hair, the hair started falling off the back after she used it a few times. But it's still beautiful, and the damage isn't so obvious since its on the back.
  3. Sagranch, you should get it. I've never had one, but I LOVE LOVE the limited ed. ones with Swarovksi crystals too! I don't think it'd be a bag to use everyday. I bet the white pony hair can get dirty easily and would be hard to clean. I wish it was just leather with Swarovksi crystals. Are you eyeing the city that's on Ebay now?
  4. i almost bought that white pony at Barneys last christmas but my husband thought the camel pony was more practical. i used my pony city for probably about two months every day and the hair started to come off the back a little. i think if you don't use it everyday you will be okay. the white one is really beautiful irl and is a good collector's item. i don't think you can protect it much other than not using it a whole lot. a friend of mine has the black pony city and she rarely carries it.:P
  5. Does the city size come with the swarovski crystals or is it only made in the first?

    Did anyone ever see the pony wallets with the swarovski crystals IRL?~ or do you know of anyone that has one?
  6. i have never seen the pony hair IRL but personally i prefer the normal leather line better anyway (not helping, am i? haha) :smile:

  7. As long as it's the white pony hair (regardless of size), it'll have the swarovski crystals. No crystals for the other colored ponys.

    Think I saw a white pony wallet on ebay a couple of days ago? I think the seller is from australia...Not sure if it's still around...
  8. I think the white pony hair ones also come in regular silver hardware without crystals too. I think there's a crystal version and a non-crystal version for the white pony hair. At least I have seen white ones on Ebay before without the crystals. :shrugs:

    The white pony hair wallet with crystals on Ebay didn't get sold, but I didn't see it get relisted. Maybe ask the seller if it's still available if you're interested in it Zac:

    eBay: Balenciaga Pony hair wallet with Swarovski Crystals!! (item 320046728042 end time Nov-12-06 19:56:22 PST)
  9. Thanks everyone..Pewter it is the first on Ebay that I am eyeing but I did see a used city as well. I don't think I will get it since it doesn't sound like I could use it everyday!! I have twin babies so this probably wouldn't be practical..sounds like I should get a leather city that is not hairy!!
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  11. I adore the white pony hair bags, but am concerned about it getting dirty, especially spilts.
  12. Thanks Pewter~ I saw that! I am curious if the wallet came in other colors. Do you know?