Pony Hair for Birkin/Kelly

  1. Hi, I love bags made of pony hair. What's your opinion of this leather on smaller size Birkin/Kelly? TIA!
  2. Well, I like pony hair myself (sshhhh....don't tell DQ!) but I'm not so sure I'd want it on my Hermes bags. I think I'd have to see it IRL before I make any decision yay or nay.........
  3. Not for me
  4. I have a pony LV.
    Does the pony pass from natural causes, and then we get the pony bags ?
  5. I believe it is really hair calf that has been stenciled to look like pony. I'm afraid that it does not wear well over time and you can get bare spots from wear and rubbing. If it was on a bag that you didn't wear often, it would be ok. Doesn't Elle McPherson have a custom made animal skin/hair Birkin?
  6. Do you mean crinoline or actual hair calf? Crinoline is made from horsehair. I love how it looks in combo with a brown leather. Beaware that it pulls easily.
  7. The hide Hermes uses for these bags is called 'troika" fur, and it was being offered at the Feb 06 Podium. They are predomintely doing HAC's and Trims in it, the ones I have seen are either a golden colour or black, with leather trim, like toile has. I love it, but don't think I'll be buying one. I think they'll be commonly called "ponyskin", though.
  8. Pony hair, huh? Maybe, yay or neigh.
  9. Crinoline--Yes
    cow hide called pony -- OK but not on bags
    Pony hide -- stays on the pony, please.
  10. I'm freaky. I can't touch pony hair, but I like just looking at them.
  11. LOL - I always used to tell my ponies that when they passed away, I was going to make their hides into luggage...I actually think they would have liked it.