Pony Hair Bags - Yay or Neeeeeyyyyyy!

  1. So I posted a thread a while ago about Pony Hair Balenciagas, wondering if they really were pony hair...

    We came to the conclusion that they are not (thank god).

    Even so - does the name put you off, or even the fact of having hair on a bag?

    Also... I know that some PF'ers luuuuuuuuurve their Pony Hair Bags, but did they always? How does one decide to buy a bag with hair on it opposed to a full-leather bag?

    And how do you care for a pony hair bag? Do you need to clean the hair every so often...

    Opinions and answers to my questions?
  2. I love mine. It's off white with pale pink leather and crystals for studs. It is heavier and due to the extra cleaning care, I use it only for dressier occaisions. I don't care if it's real pony hair. They trim horses and ponies so it's not like they kill them to make the bag, just like Wool or Cashmere.
  3. I have a ponyhair Work. I personally love it and I've been getting lots of compliments on it...the two tone (the leather trim and the actual calf hair) is just very striking to me.

    The tricky side is maintenance. I use a soft brush to make sure that the hair stays flat. But I am very weary of the bag...because stains would just be next to impossible to remove (even the bottom of the bag is calfhair and not plain leather).

    They are actual leather hides. The fur of the calf is just trimmed to give it that short even look. And YES, they do have to actually kill the animal to obtain the hair - it's not strands of a million trimmed hair all attached to the bag.

  4. incoralblue - the hair on the bag even looks like its shining?

    Is there products out there to care specifically for the hair on a Bal bag?

    Although it freaks me out a bit, I am interested all the same...

    I wonder if my opinion would change if I saw one in the flesh...
  5. After seeing a pony hair shoulder which I stupidly passed up on eBay, I REALLY want one of those... loving the dark green.

    balenciagaplanet's bag is a stunner, too... but I don't think I could carry it off as well as she does!
  6. personally not for me... not because i don't like it.
    but because i know i can't take care of it :p
  7. i'd prefer the classic regular leather bag :smile:
  8. They seem like they would get dirty and itch... I have never tried one on though so I'm not sure
  9. I think they have their own charm and I do like them. At least there are no fake ones made at all, which is a plus.
  10. No, sorry, I've seen fakes here in Norway...

    But I think it looks good, just not for me:p I'm too messy!
  11. Well, I have one of the LE goat bags. I don't think it needs any special treatment, goats are outside in all weather conditions and I don't remember hearing of goats treated with AG, LMB or any other products :roflmfao:

    (and since the bags are made from goat skins, why not use the entire goat?)

    I do think the fur is prone to rub off from clothes ;)
  12. Yeah, the hair on the bag looks a bit shiny in person (quite soft too!). I don't use any products on mine mainly because it's not dirty (yet) and I don't want to ruin my bag - i'm afraid spraying it or treating it would mess up the dye of the bag.

    They're wonderful (i think personally) plus in with all the leather motorcycle styles the two tone ponyhair just stands out more.

    Downside is that it won't tolerate the same beating and abuse as a leather Bal bag would.
  13. Well, fur actually needs special 'treatment' for it to last longer. Avoiding exposure to heat and humidity is one thing. Of course getting it wet is a big no no - you don't want the bag to absorb the water it will cause that section to warp.

    While the goat is alive and roaming around the barn, rain or shine...

    well that's a different story.

  14. Ditto here. However, I must say that the ones that some of you guys have posted have been gorgeous! :yes:
  15. Personally I'd prefer the full leather ones - you can use them in winter or summer :yes: