Pony hair bag

  1. Anyone have one before? Does the pony hair comes off with wear? :confused1:
  2. I have an older Miu Miu small shoulder bag (c. 1999) with an olive green pony hair cell phone outer pocket. The rest of the bag is very stiff leather.

    The hair hasn't worn off for me, but I'm super careful and would worry about it in the rain. Plus the bag doesn't get a lot of use so it still looks brand new...it doesn't hold much and is very hard to get in and out of - fashion over function.

    I hope others have more helpful info than I...:yes:
  3. I haven't personally owned one, but I think if you do a search, you will see that numerous PFers would answer "YES!"
  4. I've never had one but I've seen some Coach ones at Macy's on the clearance case and they don't come up, but they don't look so smooth either..
  5. The LV pony hair ( in damier ) does shed a little....
    Excuse me for not knowing the official name :smile:
  6. I'm sorry, but its a little too gross for me to carry. I know it's fashionable, but it's a little too 'alive' for me! I don't know what it is, but it skeeves me out, like fur does.
  7. From the threads I've read on here, the majority says yes, it's 'balds'.
  8. hmmm..maybe it's not a good idea to get it then. :smile:
  9. I dont own any pony hair handbags but I do have a pair of Ferragamo pony hair shoes....have had them about 3 years now and they still look gorgeous.
  10. Depends if you mean the French ponyskin (i.e. skin from a pony), or the British 'ponyskin' (i.e. cowskin).

    I have a Russell & Bromley (British) 'ponyskin' (or cowskin) bag, which I bought about 6 years ago and carried for a year, or two and the hairs never rubbed off.
  11. I have had a Celine, a Gucci and a Prada pony hair handbags and none have shed nor become bald, also have ponyhair ferragamo shoes and they are still great!