Pony Hair bag?

  1. Has anyone heard of a pony hair bag that is part of the Vintage Ligne? anyone have a pic?
  2. my bag has pony hair and quilting that is similar to my VL bags though I cannot say with certainty that it's part of the VL:

  3. Gina - I just saw a burgundy on Ann's Fabulous Finds. Gorgeous color!

  4. IDLDB that is a FAB bag!!
  5. ^^thanks queenmab! I love her too! But I'm certain it's not part of the VL as the strap is nothing like the ones on my VL totes and bags...just the quilting is as soft and distressed as the VL quilting.
  6. I know, thats the one I was looking at, just had never seen a pony hair before. It is a great color, not so sure I like the hair part though......