pony and hairband look.. love it or hate it?

  1. i'm a fan coz i'm growing my hair back again, and my hair's poofy and a pain to straighten, anyone here likes it? :tup:
  2. I like the look!! My hairdresser always has her hair pulled back into a poofy ponytail. She said she takes the back and back brushes with a roll brush, then grabs her hair into a pony tail but pushes it forward before she puts her tie in and then ties it up. It looks sooooo cute! My side bangs don't work for a pony tail like that and God knows I've tried!!!! :smile:

  3. I like it! I'm also growing my hair back out, and it helps. It's still evening out, so when I wear it up I have to have something to hold the front section back (whether it's a headband or clips).
  4. I think it's a cute trend.
  5. I love it!
  6. I like this look a lot. It's neat and tidy and shows off one's facial features.
  7. i adore it...it is so cute on anyone
  8. I had my hair like this yesterday:tup:. Its just so easy to do, and I especially love it for shopping days!
  9. I like it but it doesnt always work for me
  10. I wear it a lot. I have long hair that's all one length, but I need a little height on top of my head, when I just do a ponytail all my hair flattens out on top, but with a headband, I can keep a little height around my bang area and it looks much better with my features. Too much information, yeah, but I hope its a trend that stays around a while.
  11. Love it!!! even though my hair's way too short...
  12. I've always done this and I really like it. I have bangs (and have had them for most of my life) and I hate doing hw with them down because they tickle:p
  13. I really like the look, but I feel like you have to have the right outfit to pull it off. I also think you need to have a youngish looking face (under 30) if you do it with a thinner headband. On the other hand, I think doing this look with a scarf headband looks good regardless of age.
  14. I love this look, its so nice to have your hair out of your face too. I usually look pretty dorky though when tie my hair back, so I can only do it around the house. I envy the girls who can pull it off and look great.
  15. i like the look and I do it a lot! Sometimes my hair is just too annoying to keep down but I don't want it looking too...boring, lol, so, I add a headband!