Ponthieu vs. Emp Artsy?

  1. I purchased a gorgeous Artsy in noir over the weekend but fear it's just too large for me. I'm wondering whether perhaps the Ponthieu might be a good alternative, slightly smaller but a similar style. Does anyone have them both or have any opinions? I love the braided Artsy handle but am also nervous about the lack of a zipper. Thanks, folks!
  2. I'm no help because I love my Empreinte Artsy. I find that wearing it on my shoulder or on my arm the top closes so closely that I don't fear not having a zipper. I haven't seen the ponthieu in person yet.
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  3. I don't own either but try the Ponthieu in the PM size. There are modelling pics if you do a search. It has a zipper and is smaller than the Artsy while still being a good size.
  4. I don't have an Artsy but I bought the Ponthieu recently and I find it so practical. To me it kind of looks like a cross between an Artsy and a Speedy and I love that the zips go down the sides. If you can get to a store try on both the pm and mm before deciding, I have the pm and it's a good size; it's bigger than and fits more than my Speedy 25, so at a guess I'd say the Ponthieu pm is probably fairly equivalent to the Speedy 30.
  5. I tried the Ponthieu pm and really liked it. It’s still a fairly large bag, I agree it is comparable to speedy 30. The artsy is huge in my opinion, so I think you would be happy with the ponthieu. I like the multiple carrying options.
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  6. I purchased the Ponthieu PM in the taupe color and absolutely love it! Gorgeous bag - I find it much lighter and a little smaller than the Artsy. I think the Artsy is beautiful to look at, but it's just too large for me and the handle is uncomfortable on my shoulder. This has flat shoulder handles and a cross body option.
  7. Two very different bags really.
    No one is going to reach into that artsy as the mouth is so small it's hard to get a full size wallet in and out of when you want to, LOL. The ponthieu I think is nice for size, if you like empriente, and prefer a little more security in the way of a zipped bag. The artsy gets heavy after a while and the bottom is so big and top so small it's just hard to find things in the bottom.
  8. my vote is Artsy, one of the bags holds the best value (canvas to canvas, leather to leather speaking)

    Artsy is big on my frame, don't care, still bought it and loves it :biggrin:
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  9. Thanks so much for the input, all! I ordered the PM and MM in noir and can't wait to compare. Also good to know that the artsy is pretty secure. I'll post pics of all and would love input:smile: Thanks!
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  10. Please post pics. I'm very interested in the ponthieu MM
    Thanks in advance
  11. Absolutely!
  12. Here's the Ponthieu MM (bottom pic). Decided not to keep, as I wanted more of a hobo look instead of a pure tote. I was hoping that the dip down in the middle would be more drastic, kind of like the Berri. Keeping the Artsy instead (top pic:smile:
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  13. Hi, this is helpful post! To me, at least, as I am contemplating getting a Ponthieu PM. How do you find its weight while lugging around, by the way? I was really hoping for something reasonably lightweight as I have a bad back. The Ponthieu in empriente is so gorgeous though, that I am willing it to be the right weight for me.
  14. FYI, you could try the fold down method on the Artsy. It will look almost like a fortune cookie, be more secure, and it will also look smaller. Hth!
  15. Ah, good idea!