Ponta, cat superstar !!

  1. YouTube - Extremely Popular Cat

    This is just too cute !

    Ponta, a one year old American Shorthair is a kind of star at the dog cafe. He's especialy good friends with Satsuki ! :love:
  2. AWW!!! The white dog and Ponta look like they are in love! :smile:

    Man, I really love this new Animal section on TPF. Whenever I want a pick-me-up from studying, the cute pics and videos always do it! Thanks!
  3. o my gaw.. sooo cute hehe. noo idea what the eff theyre saying but its sooo cute. my grandma had a kitty that looked like that that she rescued from the side of the freeway and he had all his limbs broken.. so my grandma kept him and fixed him up and named him freeway. hehe

    back to topic; i cant believe how cute that is, and the doggy at the end aww..love.
  4. Hey !! That's actually the name of one of the cats at my friend's rat's vet ! Freeway ! My favourite cat at the clinic (there's 6!) has to be Easter, also from the side of a highway, but this cat has grown to massive, massive proportions. He's easily the size of a large footstool - my roommate refered to him as "Easter Island". :biggrin:
  5. that's such a cute video! i giggled when the white dog started licking Ponta!
  6. Love the video - thanks for sharing. :smile:
  7. My sister's friend has a cat who's really big, and she gets really defensive about it. If you say "man, that's a huge cat!" she shrieks, "he's not fat, he's tall!" :lol:

    I love the white doggy grooming this cat, it's so sweet!
  8. Yup, the white doggie is the "special friend".

    And I love fat cats, there's more to love !! :yes: My brother's friend has a cat that loves sitting up on his bum, and he just sits like that all the time cause he's extra padded down there and it's not a problem to balance. It's soooo cute ! :upsidedown: