Pont Neuf or Passy??? + Extra Reveal...

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  1. Hi Everyone...

    Thanks to those who has contributed in helping me decide between the Pont Neuf pm and Passy mm as my work bag to take to the office...

    Went to the store last night and tried both on and came home with the following bag and an extra something to go with the bag...

    Here is my reveal, anyone wanna guess which bag I got and the something extra???

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  2. err....... not sure.. pont neuf??
  3. maybe that something extra is a bag charm...?? :amuse:
  4. :woohoo: i cant wait to see!
  5. Here's a pic of the two boxes...

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  6. passy + bag charm??
  7. Here they are in their dust bags...

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  8. passy?
  9. epi key holder?
  10. Yes, you guessed it... It's the Epi black Passy mm!

    And any guess on the something extra???

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  11. Love it! It's perfect for the office, I can't wait to see the extra piece!
  12. I loveee the bag!! :nuts:
  13. show us, show us!!
  14. I thought this bag charm was perfect for the bag...

    Here it is everyone... The Black Mini Lin Bag Charm!

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  15. that so gorgeous!! lets see it on :biggrin: