1. On the Howard Stern show they had to draw names and do a secret santa. Howard got a female intern and he got her a really cool Marc Jacobs bag! Anyways I saw the same bag on Eluxury and it was now on sale....that got me thinking....

    I know that Louis Vuitton NEVER goes on sale, that is not the point of this thread. the question is, if LV did go on sale at times, would you be upset or happy? would you think less of the brand?

    Obviously I am bored :upsidedown: i have had too many days off...but what do you guys think?

    On the one hand i think it would be awesome to snag up certain things when they go on sale, but then i think that maybe it would be too common...

    Again, I KNOW that LV does NOT go on sale...:rolleyes:
  2. Personally, I'm glad it NEVER goes on sale.....the items keep their value.
    That's how things like LV trunks are worth thousands even after decades of use and wear.....what other brand could you resell like LV? Just take a look at the beat-up, dirty, used Speedies on eBay, fetching at least $100.00 or more....most people would throw out a non-LV bag in similar condition in the trash.....
  3. I'm also glad that LV doesn't go on sale like some of the other luxury brands (Gucci, Coach, etc.) but woudn't it be nice if LV offered all of it's regular customers a once a year discount (like a birthday discount) for just being the best customers!!! I would even be happy just to save 10% - ok, make that a 20% discount!
  4. I agree !! ^^
  5. One of the things I like about LV is that it never goes on sale. So in a few years, you can sell your LV for the same price, or almost, as when you bought it (not that I have sold any of my LVs).
  6. Agreed. I'm glad it doesn't go on sale. It's nice to know that they keep their value.
  7. Yep - glad they dont go on sale. MJ bags I have purchased full price end up reselling so low because of the fact that they go on deep sales... I'd hate to have my LVs end up valued at 30% of what I paid.
  8. Ide be pissed! I would FREAK if my $3k bag went for $1500 a month later!! I saw a $4k burberry coat.. its under a 1,000.00 right now! how upsetting for the original buyer!
  9. :nuts: :yes:
  10. I would hate it if the LV's were subject to sales. Although I love the 'birthday discount' for regular customers!
  11. dude i would be pissed if LV went on sale. one of the reasons they hold their value so well is because they never go on sale. their resale value would plummet if it ever did. i like their technique of discontinuing items and when it's gone, it's gone. they call it "sell through" and i think it works.
  12. ^^^ I agree!
  13. RESALE VALUE! don't get me wrong-- I love my MbMJ bags and wallet-- but LV resells well.
  14. I am glad LV never goes on sale.....
  15. I'm glad, it allows items to hold their value better and allows us to justify our purchases in terms of the value of the items.