Pondering 3 bags......hmmm.....please help

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  1. Hehehehe.....

    I have finally made the choice. For my first big LV bag, it is either the Azur Speedy 25, Regular Batignolles, or the Mono Neverfull PM/MM........

    So which one do you think is right for me??

    Is the Neverfull MM too big for me?? Is the PM too small for me? (I am like 4 ft 7-8 inches)

    Can anybody post pics of how much a Regular Batignolles can hold??

    TIA!! :yahoo:
  2. Well.....the Batignolles regular is cute and can hold quite a bit! And I'm not a fan of the Neverfull....and the Azur is more spring/summery!
    BUT that said..think of what you'll like a couple years down the road as you get into High School! This bag will last you a lifetime!! So even though you're short now...you're going to get taller!

    Personally...the Batignolles would be great for you right now...and even better in high school!!! I mean you can wear it everyday plus you can even wear it to dances/proms and stuff!
  3. thanks!! I have always liked the Batignolles, very big with lots of room to spare:heart:
  4. Batignolles or azur speedy 25, more leaning towards the batignolles because it looks like you have quite a few speedies already.
  5. the ones in my avatar?? they are my moms :PLOL :biggrin: the only one thats mine is the smallest one, the baby, the Mini Sac :love: :heart:
  6. Azur!
  7. Well shoot...if your Mom has those...you can borrow them anytime! So definetly Batignolles!!!
  8. I agree with twiggers, get the Batignolles dnd borrow your moms bags!
  9. Batignolles :smile:
  10. I think the regular Batignolles is a really nice looking bag! I would definitely stick with something mono, rather than Azur, for your first big LV bag.
  11. Yep i have the reg. bat, I'm almost 5'4" tall & it's a perfect bag. I will probably love it always.
  12. I'd say the speedy...but it seems that your avatar has 4 speedies? If you already have all those speedies, I'd say the neverfull!
  13. A regular batignolles can hold as much as I can fit into my epi speedy 25, and still have room leftover!
  14. Either batignolles or the neverfull pm. I think the pm may even fit on your shoulders and I think it's a little bigger than the reg batignolles and a great price!
  15. the speedies are my moms :heart: :love:, except for the baby, the Mini HL Sac :love: