Pond tote, what does it look like?

  1. hi, everyone is talking about getting a pond ergo tote, i have a black signature ergo tote, and love it to death. I 'm really interested to see the pond one. anyone has a picture or link ? and what is the number? when will it be out at the store?thanks
  2. [​IMG]Here ya go. Cant say Im fond of this color at all.
  3. a couple people have posted modeling pics, look on page 3 or 4 of this forum.
  4. thanks,what color are they available in ?
  5. Presently they are available in pond and brown patent leather. I don't know if other colors might be added later on. The medium pond tote is no. 11012 and is $398. It is lovely. Here's mine.
  6. I'm with you Kimmie. I was hoping for a patent ergo tote but neither of these colors is working for me. Well the brown will probably be nice, but I just got a brown patent gallery tote. Oh well...
  7. I really think the colour is just beautiful! :love:
  8. I was running through the mall today and this pond color is much nicer irl. I loved the wallet.