Pond Satchel vs. Shoulder

  1. I need help.

    I went and bought the pond satchel because I thought that it might be a change from my last few purchases - Ali (whiskey), Mandy (black) and Shoulder (whiskey).

    Now I think it's too much of a change!

    I've never carried the shoulder, so I could return the whiskey for a pond one, but I am curious - are the two-handled styles too much of an adjustment for a shoulder-happy girl?
  2. mmmm, I go between shoulder & hand held probably more handheld at the minute but if you are a girl who needs a shoulder strap then perhaps you will not be comfortable. Love the pond!
  3. I LOVE shoulder bags and actually am not a fan of carrying bags on my arms. However, I do have a couple of 2-handled satchels/totes that I have to carry. While it takes some getting used to, I have really not had an issue adjusting to carrying them that way.

    I will say that I probably do not carry those as much as other bags b/c I do still prefer wearing my bags as opposed to carrying them. For me, it's an issue of just being able to hold enough stuff. I have a 4 (almost 5 as she likes to remind me) year old, so in addition to accessorizing with my lovely bags, I'm often sporting a sippy cup, care bear, or used tissues (which really do go with anything). If I'm off to somewhere with my daughter for a long day, I generally won't wear a bag I have to carry.

    Since I rotate my bags, that doesn't bother me, but if you wanted to get a ton of use out of the satchel, definitely try it out and see how much you're comfortable with having to hold it. You might find it doesn't bother you at all, but you might find it to be a trmendous pain in the a**!

    On another note (which may not be that helpful), I absolutely love the shoulder bag - it's a great style. It's much roomier than it appears.

    I hope at least some of my ramblings help!
  4. I tried on a legacy satchel at the outlet last weekend. It fit very snug on my arm with a jacket but I don't think it would be too hard to carry once you get used to it. Nice collection you have of the legacy!