Pond Patent Ergo......Our Honest Opinions.

  1. I've noticed lots of different opinions regaurding the new pond patent ergo. Honestely, the color reminds me of a little old ladies hair when they just cant get it right.....ya know not blue, not gray, and then the shine to top it all off:shame:. O.K. so what is your honest opinion.:sweatdrop: all opinions welcomed....please be nice to me:upsidedown:;)
  2. Well, its definitely not for me. I dont really like blue bags - well not light blue anyway. I thought the turquouise was a good color, but not sure if I would actually wear that one either. I'm more of a deeper color/neutral tone girl. I'm sure I will think it looks lovely on others, though, especially w/that tatersall ponytail scarf tied to it.
  3. I like it but not enough to buy it. If it came in pink i would be first in line haha.

  4. You and I both will be first in line for pink if we are ever lucky enough for Coach to make them. That would be so perfect IMO:yes:
  5. yeah i was thinking the same thing...it's an odd blue...its nice but not that nice.
  6. I think it seems alright.. I haven't seen it irl. I liked the turquoise better.. the pics I have seen don't look all that grey to me so I think I would have to see it irl first. :yes: And yes if they made it in a pink or bubblegum pink I would be the first in line too.. ready to fight you all for it!!! :boxing::p
  7. i think it's beautiful! it's the kind of blue that reminds me of the sky that's ready to rain, but not quite yet. it's peaceful and calm....and the patent....what a bonus! :balloon:
  8. I like it, I think it is pretty in patent...but I love blue and also loved the turquoise.
  9. I like it from the pics, but I think I'd have to see it IRL before I decide if it's right for me.
  10. I think it's a beautiful bag and a beautiful shade of blue. Just on someone else. I just can't imagine I would ever grab a bag that color (not to hate, I'm currently in love with the green madeline). I also think it would look silly with my wardrobe which is mostly darker colors mixed with earthy tones for pops of color (pumpkin, cranberry... my closet is more appetizing than my fridge... that's sad). But man, I can see someone who wears a lot of lighter colors rock this one.
  11. I havent seen it IRL yet, but cant wait to!!!! I am more of a brown bag/black bag kind of girl, so I dont know if I would personally want to carry it, but if I find it nice enough, I may!!!!
  12. I like it but I would not get it because I am not a blue bag kind of person. I would totally get one in pink, if Coach makes one!
  13. I like it but not enough to buy it.

    Now if they had a white patent bag...yummmmmmmmmmmm.
  14. oh yeah i would be all over the pink like white on rice...lol
  15. I THINK they do, b/c I THINK Kimmie just won one last night!!!!!!!! Am I right, Kimmie??? :confused1: