Pond Patent - Accessories?

  1. Hi all,
    Just curious if any knows about possible accessories made out of the pond patent? I don't know how practical a pond patent bag would be for me, but I'll :heart: a wristlet or mini skinny. :roflmfao:
  2. aww good call!!! i LOVE the pond patent as well, but couldn't accessorize/incorporate it into my wardrobe well enough. but really, an accessory would be PERFECT!! im going to check the website for any updates... otherwise.. i guess we'll have to wait :sad:
  3. You guys read my mind, I would love a mini skinny or wristlet too!!!
  4. I think I read a thread today where someone was at their Coach store and they had the new stuff and I am pretty sure she mentioned pond trimmed wristlets and minis....or maybe I was dreaming...lol...I'll try to find the thread...
  5. I saw a french purse in the pond/khaki combo. Kinda cute but I'm still on the fence about the pond color myself. I would think there would be a few other items available but I haven't personally seen any yet.