Pond or blue??

  1. I got the two Legacy Shoulder Bags I ordered from the toll free number. They said they didn't have Pond, but had Blue, and shipped it to me. This is a pic of the Blue and the Rose. Is the Blue really different than the Pond?

  2. Blue? I didn't know there was a blue color. That looks like Pond to me. o_o lol it reminds me of a baby shower!
  3. Im sure that is pond.
  4. same thing
  5. that's pond. The only "blue" in the legacy is the cotton.
  6. To me it looks like that is the same as a Pond bag. :confused1:
  7. It's funny because the tag says blue and they told me blue on the phone. I double checked the tag to see if it said Pond, and nope, it doesn't! Weird, huh?
  8. That is definately Pond... it looks exactly like mine.

    I will go track down my tag to see what it says... :confused1:
  9. Curious, I'm carrying my pond today and pulled out my tag which I keep in the zip pocket. It says at the top where the style number is: B4/Pond. It may be the camera but your bag looks "bluer" than mine.
  10. Looks like my Pond bag. The tag on mine said B4/Pond. Strange!
    However, your pink bag is TDF!!!
  11. That's definitely Pond. I have the same one....enjoy it! Oh and the Rose is GORGEOUS!! Love it!! :drool:
  12. They are both georgeous !
  13. i dunno i have the pond and it looks a bit turquoise when not photographed w/a flash. does yours? the pic looks baby blue but it could just be the flash.

    oh gorgeous rose shoulder btw. i want one!
  14. Do you get to keep both of them or are you trying to choose?
  15. Your blue looks strangly similar to the picture Coach put on it's website and called pond.....but we all were surprised when we say pond in person. I think you got web-site pond!